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Plum net formally listed three new boardThere are traffic there are users Jingdong raised all the

"2013 Aika love home was established, and in the summer of 2016, we will be landing three new board," love home "all the way Jingdong finance accompanied by, so that we feel that this business, although hard to force, but not lonely."

was founded in the first year of love, fashion, science and technology, as the main creative keyword love home developed a series of intelligent socket, mobile power and Bluetooth speakers and other products, although in several large domestic well-known electronic business platform did try, but because the website to PPC, leading products are no start-up companies edge home.

is not the first line of the congregation raised products, but Chen Lijun.

Jingdong public record ecosystem, love the family received a lot of quality resources pointed Er goods, public Jingdong financial financing, supply chain finance, consumer finance and Jingdong and Jingdong Mall, the partner resources also let love to grow rapidly, the growth of love also portrays a typical venture incubation ecosystem public record path of Jingdong, Jingdong has become an important case public record ecosystem hatched.


plum yesterday listed on the new board, it is understood that the domestic marketing network operators Meihua Meihua shares in May 5th landed the global share transfer system, three new board listed Tim SaaS and information services to enterprises in the new enterprise.

Chen Lijun regrets, "how can a user flip a few pages to buy your product?" and the "real" tech hungry user never sees our product." Chen and many entrepreneurs have explored this matter, and found that this has become a common problem of start-ups, because of this confusion, they are unable to gather their own specific users.

As an important part of the

, established in 2008, is a marketing oriented information center that provides marketing information, resources, cases, knowledge, and online communities. Mainly through free content and membership services to strengthen user coverage, and the development of marketing intelligence monitoring SaaS software, mainly for small and medium-sized marketing team. Plum information headquarters is located in Shanghai, in Beijing, Shenzhen has offices, employees 160 people. Currently serving about more than 1000 customers at the same time.


the core of all chips is ecology, and the value of ecology for start-ups is far beyond imagination. All the chips as an industry leader in the Jingdong to raise the public, with the Jingdong public record ecosystem has unique advantages for thousands of enterprises to provide business support resources, and more entrepreneurial ecosystem in a Jingdong all help on the listing process.

the first question for startups to produce new products is how to attract users,

in the Internet era, no traffic, no users, no user brand foundation will not be stable. Jingdong all chips is an important reason for many start-ups to choose all the chips Jingdong, but the strong Jingdong incubation capacity of the public ecosystem is to help start-ups remain in the Jingdong raised the core of the public reasons.

all chips to bring their own flow to enhance brand premium

July 2014 Jingdong chips formally launched. The emergence of all chips, to solve the problem of difficult access to start-ups.

in the Internet era, no traffic, no users, no user brand foundation will not be stable. Love home before the encounter Jingdong all chips, but also because of traffic problems plagued, and Jingdong all chips but use their C2B gene to help love home, completed a series of brand building process.

Internet technology company Aika founder Chen Lijun recently love home in the summer of 2016 revealed that the company is coming to the new board, and the Jingdong financial company in the entrepreneurial road expressed gratitude.

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