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shlf1314 Adsense users must see Western Union latest updatesFor the rapid production of ways of fore

through cms+ collection

recently, we have updated the Western Union payment system, and the validity of the issuing bank has been extended from 35 days to 60 days. In this way, you will have more flexible time to receive payment, and hope this update will bring convenience to the publisher:

In view of the current Wangzhuan

3. through custom


generally custom site costs between 100-1000 yuan, depending on the quality of pricing, online custom sites provide a lot of self search through the search for


finished to start your $

cattle X webmaster marketing provides single site customization: full acquisition, a key update, website program + space + art, 180 yuan

uses open source cms establishment, zero cost, looking for good collection source + making collection rules, select a uft-8 template set OK, these can basically cost 0

by purchasing data +cms

according to the AdSense support group: after the Western Union remittance started, many publishers missed the validity of the withdrawal due to business trip and had to wait for another month to withdraw money. Now, we have good news for you,

similarly, if you fail to withdraw money within the period of validity, your income will automatically be returned to the account and will be paid automatically for the safe account. At this point, you will see a pink prompt box in your account. If you wish to continue payment in February, you will have to withdraw the payment by 15 as per the prompt.

2. quickly builds

1. quickly builds

advertising alliance Wangzhuan prospects, domestic revenue decline, the overall quality of the deviation and other reasons, most of the garbage station to Wangzhuan abroad, domestic language habits and other reasons the current limitations of English station demand, most of the translated foreign websites simply cannot read

my stop: up8000.cn

common places to sell data, such as Admin5, laggards, Taobao have often appeared, the price of the region dozens – several hundred yuan

to do so, to be able to provide a normal reading of the Wangzhuan garbage station, you can use the following

made the website consistent with the foreign reading habits, and through the General Alliance audit, meet the requirements of

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