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BES logistics submitted to the U S PO SEC prospectus intended to finance 750 millionOnline money


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September 2016, BES logistics announced $760 million financing, then the valuation of the company amounted to $3 billion, Goldman Sachs Group as a consultant, China Everbright Asset Management Limited and CITIC Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is the best logistics for the lead cast. In November of the same year has emerged the best logistics to the United States in 2017 IPO plan.

is backed by Ali BES Express logistics company, most of the revenue from Taobao and Tmall. And compared to the already listed one of three links, the difference is mainly reflected in the best logistics of business diversification, and the content of science and technology.


best logistics in June 2017 26 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted its IPO prospectus, the proposed financing of $750 million. It will be listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ Global market, and no decision has yet been made.

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as of March 31, 2017, the country has established 678 operation center and more than 420 square meters of warehouse and transportation center which, BES supply chain management has 290 cloud order fulfillment center; based on the 63 hub, BES Express 153 sorting center and 23000 distribution stations; 69 hub, BES Express 103 a sorting center and more than 4000 distribution stations. The company has more than 9000 full-time employees and tens of thousands of certified franchisees and partners. The warehousing and distribution network covers the whole country.


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said the best logistics company, shareholders including Fosun international, Chinese Softbank capital, Ali’s logistics company rookie network and the world bank private sector investment institutions of international financial company. Best logistics other shareholders include Zhou Shaoning, Foxconn, Goldman’s private equity investment department. One of the first major shareholder of Alibaba holding 23.4% and 70% of the shares held BES Express, rookie network chairman Tong Hong, vice president of Alibaba Chen Jun is the best logistics director, the second largest shareholder of BES logistics founder Zhou Shaoning holding 14.7%, the third largest shareholder of CR Entities >

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data show that the best logistics created by shlf1314 China former co President Zhou Shaoning in 2007, is currently in the Chinese operates 400 distribution centers, which are respectively three and a warehouse in the United States and germany. This year will be the best logistics international logistics business expansion to Australia, Japan and Thailand. The largest segment is express by the end of March 2017, accounting for 64.5% of revenue, followed by the express by the end of March 2017, accounting for 17.2% of revenue, supply chain management services as of March 2017, accounting for 9.5% of revenue; in addition, there’s the store, plus a superior goods vehicle logistics and trading platform finance, cloud and other business.

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