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Kingsoft Kingsoft Online the latest product informationSummary 2012 outlook 2013 Change insist

people say do IT/ Internet is home, gentle, Mensao, I think this saying is very reliable, but this can not be our webmaster label. Then the house will make the world stand friends, every webmaster have their own strengths and weaknesses, learn from each other, common progress; and also to ask for gentle, do not understand do not understand their own problems, should learn from other station friends ask, maybe a little problem will be able to point out your big ideas again; Mensao to speak his love, or that you see yourself love girl blush of junior middle school students, that’s already in the past. It is now twenty-first Century, good girls are those articulate people "cheat" to go, first, then start out.

billing date Commission item category category   Game Alliance pop Water Margin – Q CPM 06.09.01- one thousand IP pop up RMB6.5 yuan

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500-19999, 0.6 yuan / RMB

20000 more than 0.7 yuan / RMB to see the details

500-19999, 0.3 yuan / RMB

20000 more than 0.4 yuan / RMB to see the details

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many friends only see the immediate interests, did not think of their future, see what the site to make money in a hurry to do, and the result or earn some money, or spent a lot of time, nothing. Look, no one get out of the site for several years, can not help but heave great sighs. Flow station can do, but must have a long-term planning of the site, to build their own brand, as their future career to develop, so that they are worthy of a real webmaster.

first, change yourself,

today is the end of the 2012 day, which no one can deny. The last 2012, no matter what we got or lost, have passed, left good, abandoned misfortune, prepared for 2013 new journey:

second, change strategy

third, adhere to the direction, improve execution,

December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy has been broken, I believe there are many people in the evening of 21 carnival night, waiting for the end of the arrival. This night only carnival, nothing special, we still see the sun in December 22, 2012, we have not lost anything. Dawn, still the same as before, to squeeze the bus, still open webmaster tools, analysis of "doomsday" after the site data, still studying the changeable SEO, still live hard forced webmaster life. I think that many webmaster very naive is the end of the world, the end of the bitter stationmaster life, but there are more standing friends do not want this day to come, because they have not achieve their goals, not out of a world on the Internet, and early planned objectives and plan in 2013. Now that we have passed through December 21st, we should be fully prepared for the coming 2013.

you may complain of sh419 in 2012, complained about IDC, complained about the "cheat" you any thing and person, but you have to reflect on their own to do what "good good", "diligent people harvest" is the same reason. The problem that stationmaster exists now is executive force is bad, think not to go

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