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How to do email marketing to achieve millions of ordersFood delivery Unicorn Blue Apron to the end

probably a lot of webmaster also use mail, but really can use mail not much. for 80, 90 after the impact of not too much, and now Tencent do so well, is a gold mine to be excavated. We want to use the Internet to make money, must not forget, compared with sina, the NetEase, a good marketing mail is the biggest pop, as long as the message came, immediately pop, this may be the first day of the second day customers do not look, do not look, but a month? A year? As long as you the content of hair is attractive, don’t worry, one day someone will see.

, which will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE, is scheduled for June 28th.

by then, the company will issue 30 million class A shares, with only one vote per share, and will issue 157 million B shares, with a vote of 10 votes per share. This means that holders of class B shares will take up 98% of the voting power, and the company’s founder and chief executive, Matthew Salzberg, sits on 30% of the company’s voting rights. As can be seen here, Blue Apron’s corporate architecture is different from Snap, the latter issued during the IPO are non voting shares.

recently bought Whole Foods, which makes a lot of people consider whether to invest in the food service areas, while the Blue Apron market has also attracted many people’s eyes, after all, this is the largest since Snap round of consumer technology IPO.

we make an analogy, if a 20 thousand mail you is 500 of the cost, so the 20 thousand mail can bring customers much? And you need to know is that the database is available for recycling, as long as you have the database, how to send what, the webmaster website basic are the profits products, a single may have hundreds of yuan, but our database is accurate flow, our advertising for accurate mass, which may lead to more customers attention, which as long as the achievement of one or two single, we put the cost of the database back to make, so the database the cost is negligible.

two: mail marketing to do precise.

in the past few months, there have been many enterprises, science and technology enterprises listed, but consumer technology companies have nothing to do, partly because Snap in IPO, the stock price is not optimistic. If Bule Apron succeeds, it will undoubtedly be an inspiration for consumer technology companies that want to be listed.

three: mail can not be direct marketing.

webmaster’s vision must be long-term, in fact, there are many ways to send mail. We say you are selling led beads, our mailing theme could be some knowledge of the content, then suck >

Internet advertising competition is more and more big, more and more peers, looking at a single product lot, but advertising costs deducted fees and expenses, some mixed is how the webmaster can There is not much left., no matter how we survive? Advertising, as long as you put a stop advertising immediately detained there! Advertising means a permanent? Today to share with you a super affordable mail marketing, I let you every single.

advertising must be accurate, you do weight loss products, if you put in the elderly group of communication, estimated no use, so it is very important to achieve accuracy. Maybe the owners have to consider the cost, but the cost of the database is just a list, nothing to be sorry about.


Blue Apron says they will use the money to pay $125 million in debt, and the remainder will be used as the company’s operating capital. The company said much of it would be used in advertising, compared with $25 million 400 thousand in the fourth quarter of last year, and its spending on marketing in the first quarter of this year has increased to $61 million. In 2016, its total expenditure on marketing was $144 million, compared with $51 million 400 thousand in 2015.

food delivery service Blue Apron to be listed in this month, the company has disclosed our listed shares in the share price of $15 to $17, the expected maximum financing amount is about $587 million. If calculated at $16 per share, the valuation of Blue Apron would be close to $3 billion.

in fact, since you want to receive orders, it does not mean that there is only one way. We say you are now selling the LED lamp, don’t you email that I sell is led lamp? That few people are willing to see, you will think: This is a spam, someone selling a product! So people don’t read the mail, so try not to use the direct marketing. What do we do?

1: mail marketing to build cash database.

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