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Secret Wang Wei 9 mortgage property from parallel to the president of SFThe rich three generations r

in 1971, Wang Wei was born in Shanghai, his father was an air force Russian interpreter, and his mother was a teacher at a university in Jiangxi. At the age of 7, Wang Wei and his family moved to Hongkong. After graduating from high school, he stopped studying and started printing and dyeing in Shunde.

graduated from the University, Zheng Zhigang went to Japan to study the culture of East Asia a year, was the standard literary youth fan children, listen to the melodious bell in the school next to the temple, sit most of the day, every time the bell sounded, I feel the water flow in the heart."

, he is the "Mars" Jack Ma most admired people: SF EXPRESS head Wang Wei.

today, a brother came to pick up the rare rich children who have satisfied their elders.

he never advertises, doesn’t see PE, interviews……

noble, Qing, young, from Crazy learning art, afraid to grow up after the absence of time,

SF, China’s private courier company tycoon. The company is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary anniversary, but the outside world still knows little about it, and he is undoubtedly an alternative and low-key enterprise.



but Zheng Zhigang did not allow himself to spend so much time on such a natural day. After graduation, he took the initiative to give up literature and devote himself to the financial industry to prepare for the succession.

last year, the Hongkong big four, Zheng family controversy, first is the legendary Regal, the New World Group founder of "Tong uncle Zheng Yutong died of illness, followed by the eldest son Zheng Jiachun stroke hospitalization, and the value of HK $140 billion super empire is waiting for the successor. In desperation, a grandson was pushed to the charge of 200 billion commercial wealth in the teeth of the storm, the

Wang Wei has a sentence: "SF’s line of receiving staff" is the most lovable person". Because he was also a staff member, made a backpacker".

Wang Wei, 20 years ago, 100 thousand yuan started today, the annual turnover of tens of billions of dollars, its cargo aircraft 11; profit sharing with employees, employees have been earning tens of thousands; innovation innovation in March did not feel threatened by growing crises; workaholics, work 14 hours a day; regular work, grassroots employees; low-key, do not know him strong, 100 shares; SF; bold, has 9 times the property mortgage.

in early 90s, by Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour, Hongkong more than 80 thousand factories moved to the mainland, including the Pearl River Delta accounted for more than 50 thousand, between Hongkong and the Pearl River Delta mail, freight began to surge. At first, Wang Wei entrusted by the people, between Guangdong and Hongkong with some goods. Slowly, with more and more things in it, he couldn’t put it down with a pull case. He realized that it was a business opportunity.

, that is to say, now only four families in Hongkong, Zheng Jia third successor to the stage, it is for the first pinch to sweat.

Zheng Zhigang from a very strict family education, since childhood, not only to test the first grade, but also to learn painting and opera, not only is grade one, painting work so that teachers are still impressive.

he’s 150 thousand employees, huge purchases of the IBM information, human resource management consulting service and system, he always do small pieces express.

he is Zhou Dafu and the new world department store heir, K11 art mall, founder of Hongkong Zheng family, third generation successor, Zheng Zhigang


excuse sounds very interesting: "I think, literature, history and philosophy of life to things, should learn system at a young age, this is the basic work, but the capital operation and enterprise management knowledge can be acquired in practice, is not difficult."

Empire, hurry!

he was one of the hundreds of billions of imperial heirs who rarely reassured their elders. To what extent? Learning tyrants, zero scandals, double dealer, and earning power is stronger than the last successor.

"parallel man" monopoly through Hong Kong Express

in March 26, 1993, Wang Wei with his father borrowed 100 thousand yuan, registered in Shunde SF EXPRESS, a company with only 6 people. At the same time, he rented dozens of square meters storefront in Hongkong Prince Portland Street, designed for the business delivery of letters to the Pearl River delta. Wang Wei and the staff from the backpack and trolley freight, known as the "smuggled goods".


piece goods, Shun harvest 40, Wang Wei "price cut Beach" strategy to attract a large number of customers, even creating a deserted Portland street.

from the point of view of Zheng Zhigang’s growth, this is a template for a typical good child.

first joined Goldman Sachs, which was responsible for the listing and analyst of the client company, and later joined the Swiss bank, starting with the general staff of the company.

The other 70

as the market demand is brisk, SF will soon extend its tentacles to all parts of Guangdong. At that time, each built a SF, to register a new company, branch to all local franchisee, which makes the SF in a few years, the Pearl River Delta area express market firmly in their own hands. But also because of such barbaric growth, SF industry was once called "mouse".

after graduation to 38, wealthy Marriage marry and settle down

Zheng Zhigang at the age of 13 he was sent out of the country, but with his efforts to smooth on the Harvard, but he did not like the other children of the rich as Hongkong economic and management school, but chose the East Asian literature and culture, live into an offbeat.

but the sun is beyond all expectations, just a super reliable, superior, and Zhou Dafu of the new world department store revenues go up, some of the original unconvinced who are shocked!

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