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The best products satisfy not the needs but the demandsTaobao don’t let the celebrity experience bl

2, guest experience profitability and advertising. This experience is too much to share. Pull off the assembly line, the product promotion, the invitation to join the group, registered as a member and so on, these experiences with for-profit and share experiences, with induction and profit, often such guest experience sharing is extremely one-sided, does not have much practical significance.

then answered all kinds of people say, "product quality is good and bad for performance," someone said "is the quality of our products Zero Defect", some people say "quality testing is no problem"……

called a difference, "demand" and "requirements" of the two words, if you experience, you can find there are great differences. From the point of view of quality management, "demand" is relatively objective, is real; and "demand" is relatively subjective, including a lot of emotions and other factors.

although many people have joined Taobao, but after many rookie Taobao customers and do not understand the novice Taobao customers and how to do Taobao, Taobao customers because of a variety of marketing methods varied, complicated product category, how to choose what promotion, promotion, is indeed a vexing problem, so it is so important to Taobao customer experience sharing. So rookie and novice must be in the promotion period, to understand some of the relevant knowledge, such as Ali mother forum, A5 webmaster and other well-known websites to share the successful experience of Taobao customers, a lot of experience on rookie help is very big, but there are also many seemingly very cattle waste experience.

Saturday is not going to be a long, casual conversation about requirements and requirements.


is that "quality is the degree to which the product meets the user’s needs."".

1, not complete guest experience. Write some original articles and publish them on famous websites, which have been reprinted by thousands of people". This sentence basically does not say. First, the original article is not easy to write, second, the major well-known website audit is very strict, third, even if the audit passed, it does not necessarily get a lot of reprint. This statement is correct and provides us with a general direction and objective, which provides an overall plan and line for our Taobao customers. But it’s very difficult to operate. How to write the original article, how to write high-quality articles, which websites will be better, and so on, have not made it clear, basically is an armchair strategist, does not have practical significance.

but your career can not be bigger, not only depends on the demand, but also depends on how much you meet the user’s requirements. So even if you sell razors in a pile of men, the demand is there, but you can’t decide whether to buy or not, depending on what they want. Whether the razor is sharp, easy to use, and how long it will take is what customers think before buying.

in fact, this definition is only one word short of the standard definition given by the instructor. The definition given by the instructor is "quality is the extent to which the product meets the requirements of the user."".

I remember having received a training in quality several years ago and I was impressed. The lecturer asked a seemingly simple but difficult question: what is the quality,

in the era of material scarcity, people rarely "request", that is a marketing is king of the times. The product is not for good use, but for use

, for example, when you are hungry, eat something to fill the stomach is your needs, and eat Sichuan is your stomach to relax the requirements; or for example, cold weather, eat Sichuan into your needs, so in an elegant decoration the restaurant to eat a meal of delicious spicy Sichuan clean enough is your request.

3, the lag of the guest experience. Many guest experience sharing posts are good, does have its merits, for the majority of friends Amoy help is obviously, but the experience is the essence of the past now garbage. For example, adding links to sh419 space is now impossible. But this post is still subject to the Tao guest reprint and sought after, but with the times of the guest experience is really few.

The closest expression of

4, the conservative guest experience. It can also be called retention. Taobao customer has a distinct characteristics, is First impressions are strongest with intense competition, once, Amoy share their unique experience, that is to take their own.

current Wangzhuan industry, Taobao registered passenger capacity of thousands of army, Taobao off like a huge flood, has become one of the most fashionable Wangzhuan way nowadays. Many college students are doing Taobao customers, work is also doing part-time Taobao customers, did not find work, but also do Taobao customers, and even cattle quit work, full-time do Taobao customers. The amount is so large, the scale is so unprecedented, indicating that Taobao customers do have their unique charm,

China has developed to such a stage, many industries are facing huge demand. We contact a lot of entrepreneurial projects, each time a demand analysis, analysis of the industry, always can see tens of billions of market size, compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, but few really big projects.

so, at a level, the hierarchy of requirements is higher than the need.


of course, customer needs are the first concern in the process of entrepreneurship. As we discuss projects with entrepreneurs, we often ask the question, "how much of your product do you need? Is it just needed?"". Demand determines whether your career can be done and selling razors in your daughter’s country is not good.

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