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Million friends UUSEE activation rate doubled20 methods of website promotion

respected network operators:

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, a website to promote, build their own brands, first of all, to have better content, better than the user experience. If you can not do these, first do not publicize the site, you should wait for the site to do a good job, and then publicity, or change! The following is my summary of some website promotion approach.

1. collects email addresses edited by various news websites and gives them news. Why do you think you can publish more and find more news?. conditional, it is best to have a good public relations, or done a reporter, good at writing news, do this special thing

2. has focused on the editing of your news. Later, news can be sent to them, or even to the news alone.

3. has one thing called blackboard newspaper, BLOG, which specializes in recording corporate news, and shlf1314 is like this. Then you can set up two columns, one is your own blackboard newspaper, and the other is blackboard newspaper. In other people’s blackboard newspaper, help others to record news, others will also in their blackboard newspaper records of the news or your web site introduction.

4. in diglog, recommend your article zhuaxia and functions of website, if your article is good, to the front row to bring traffic is very considerable!

5. in the BBS propaganda website, useful brain, don’t direct advertising. It’s better to start a topic and get a heated discussion no one can say it can’t be made by itself

6., sh419’s stick, ask. Find the relevant post bar, with the same publicity forum. Ask, find the related topic inside, answer to connect to your website after answering

7. use RSS promotion, to introduce RSS, subscribe to many people, the chances of going back will be much larger.

8. find a forum related to cooperation with you, do not have to find each site’s advertising department or the webmaster, a lot of things you can fix, but also cheaper, more fertilizer. For example, you are the creative activities Home Furnishing website, you can find various websites and other related topics are moderators, let them introduce about your site don’t make too much like advertising, it should be like to share the feeling of something or set the cream to the top!

10. keep pace with the times, like WEB2.0’s hottest time, as long as your website is WEB2.0, many blogger will introduce you spontaneously. Just like female friends who buy clothes, what is popular these days, they will say, "which one is this style?".

11. cooperates with related websites and resources complement each other. Cooperation is the only future.

12. your entrepreneurial history body as Sister Lotus, The path winds along mountain ridges. >

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