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Cultural hooligans pre order by advertising to profit5 years later who is the ups and downs classi

SEOer Wang Tong in 07 years, in order to recruit students, but also the momentum, published online a set of ways to make money. The idea is to bring traffic through shlf1314 AdWords and then do CPA advertising. don’t know what is CPA? Ha ha according to him, he is an alliance of European products, like a lot of money, because this model as long as the money, then you throw more to get more traffic, also have more income.

, let’s do something real right now. This and the above methods are similar, but the method was blocked after a year, the domestic was still doing well, the reason for this is because people rarely understand the show, in the muffled money, O a _ U O~ rarely I love this something no matter who broke the news.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

said no more point. You can look at it, this is to say that involves some other aspects, and I intend to "cultural rogue" in the following chapters, so here is not to say. Author Ye Fei /www.yefei.net.cn


after the Internet, the biggest trend, why not search engines?    

classification information in the future what kind of charm?

search is to find more relevant information    

classification will be faster and more accurate to find the information they need

when the portal developed, when information content is very rich, and many users will never start the initial contact with the Internet computer, the Internet has become Internet surfing, which began to appear in the     HAO123 as the representative of the web site, then the search engine starts just take hold. Search engine is developed on the basis of abundant and huge internet website information. Just imagine, if you do from the early Internet search engine, enter a keyword, search 3 relevant information, do you think such a search engine will be used?

has limited this pattern when he discloses this method on the net, shlf1314 is not allowed to do this. So he gives two voices, envy and abuse. he said in the article the reason shlf1314 will limit this mode, because he is such a thing, so reasonable, but also condemning scolding aside, I also said in the online SEO the Enlightenment I see the first set of SEO textbook is written by him ill, but not without that he has a lot of people do not know to make money. All right, here’s the gossip.

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