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CHANet results network officially released new features flash chainSilicon Valley entrepreneurship G

implementation of advertising code intelligence. Before the general domestic advertising union code is directed to specific activities, can not be flexible. When the advertisement expires or the budget is used up, if the webmaster does not find it in time, it will waste advertising. Now, when the problem arises, the flash chain automatically removes the expired or budgeted ads and replaces them with the replacement ads previously set up by the site administrator, without wasting any traffic on the site.

why does the entrepreneur ignore the partner’s opinion? Well, it’s about counterintuitive. They’re against your intuition. They seem wrong. So your first impulse is to ignore them. In fact, my description of YC’s jokes is part of the reason for its existence. If the founder’s instincts have given them the right answer, they don’t need us. The only thing you need is someone who can surprise you. That’s why there are so many ski instructors and not so many running coaches.

increases the utilization of advertising bits. Flash chain can achieve text expository pictures and advertising the original carousel, make full use of Limited advertising to create unlimited value.

author note: This article originates from my guest lecture on Standford’s entrepreneurship course. It was geared towards college students, but most of it also applies to potential entrepreneurs of other age groups.

child rearing is a benefit, when you have to give advice, you can ask yourself: "what I can say to my children?" my child is still small, but I can imagine when they go to college after I will tell them how to start it. So, here’s what I’m going to tell them.

this article comes from Silicon Valley famous business incubator Y Combinator founder Paul Graham Paul, ·, Graham blog, by Tiger sniffing compile:

reported that the flash chain currently released has only primary functions, and more advanced functions, such as optimized advertising and analytical revenue, are being planned.

list is the fact that I’m always talking about: entrepreneurship is pretty weird, and if you trust your instincts, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. If you only knew that, you would make fewer mistakes.


usually, startups are very intuitive. I don’t know what this is about. Maybe it’s just that knowledge about entrepreneurship has not been found in our culture yet. Whatever the reason, in short, starting a company is something you can never trust your gut feelings.


The first thing on the

I once joked that one of the functions of YC is to tell entrepreneurs something they don’t care about. Such is the case。 YC will partner to another batch of entrepreneurs warned they will make some mistakes, but the latter is not to regard it as right, until they came back a year later said, "then put those words to listen well."

saves the time that the site manages the ads, and inserts the code once and for all. After that, the management of advertising can be achieved intelligently through background management of results network.

January 1, 2008, CHANet results network advertising alliance for web owners to develop the "flash chain" function officially released. After long-term demand research, this function is mainly based on solving the following problems:

speeds up the speed at which web users access ad pages. Flash chain is the results of CHANet network for the first time using the JavaScript code, the user clicks on the ads directly to advertisers ", save intermediate links jump, greatly accelerate the speed of the link, but also improve the user experience.

it’s like skiing. When you ski for the first time, you want to slow down, and you intuitively want to lean back. But if you run down the hill and lean back, you’re sure to get out of hand. So learning to ski is part of learning how to suppress your instincts. In the end, you’ll learn new habits, but first you have to make a conscious effort. When you start sliding down the top of the mountain, you’re afraid to start a long list to remind yourself of what you need to remember.

entrepreneurship, like skiing, is not natural, so there is a similar list for startups. Next, I’ll give you the first part of this list.

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