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Entrepreneurship four years home and pig want to share in the field of drops but also the need for



website services project is now a lot of know fast charge project agent business, many people are doing projects, mostly with paste, BBS, blog and other forms of advertising in publicity. In order to help Taobao shopkeeper: ice butterfly tears promotion project, and I enable this site to do the project propaganda auxiliary. All the contents related to the project have been done in the station and posted on the website. For articles of original nature, maintain daily updates after the site has been opened. From the very beginning of the day, IP30 has been going on for a long time. After a period of accumulation, now the site’s daily visit IP at around 200, the highest reached 500IP. Many people who make big websites may despise the traffic for hundreds of stations a day. However, he targeted, on the day of this more than 100, some IP traffic, to achieve the highest daily income of 535 yuan. It’s all true, without any moisture.

Chinese style gameplay

Although the


in 2012, after the Romanian army began to try to lead the team in Hainan is regarded as the way home characteristics of the housing trust mode, at the same time, Chen Chi began to run away from the ganji practice China version of the Airbnb – launched in Beijing on the pig short rent a house.

has now become a unicorn with a valuation of $1 billion, but this figure is still too small compared to the drop size. But the players in it don’t seem to be in a hurry.

pig short rent founder Chen Chi

entrepreneurship 4 years, Luo Jun remains diligent: in addition to spare no effort in the circle of friends to promote their own way home, he also maintained a daily one o’clock sleep, seven o’clock a.m. work and rest.

is now full of open source programs, and as a webmaster there is hardly any threshold. Site building program, whether it is PHP.asp. blog or.NET, etc., there are available procedures everywhere, the rapid construction of a simple site. But if you want to make money on the Internet becomes an old topic, there are too many webmaster for website how to make money and worry. Many webmaster bought the domain name open space, spent a lot of money and time, but the site did not bring their own expected results. This kind of problem must be bothering, not a 2 stationmaster.

way home from the second half of last year began to force C2C business, and in the first half of this year, the acquisition of ants short rental, in one fell swoop into the hinterland of the pig. The pig also increased the intensity of the operation under the line. The two companies announced their move into overseas markets more recently.

Hello, I’m Chu reds. Long time no published articles, and today we talk about the recent operation of a small project summary of operations.

because many of the site’s operational failures, this time no longer rely on their own joy, like how to how, but there is a purpose, a starting point to determine goals and plans.

, here’s a quick website for ice butterflies. A web site around IP100 per day. How to achieve monthly income is 3000+.

two years ago, when Chen Chi was still there

used to bring E-House China to NASDAQ, and he was considered one of the best known to the Chinese real estate market.

and a lot of stationmaster same, when I begin to contact website at the very beginning, adore big and whole door, adore all sorts of functional websites of those commercial operations. Also dreamed of having a similar site, but also by looking for templates, looking for source code, built similar stations, but eventually failed. Are too blindly follow the trend, did not give themselves a good positioning. Stumbled all the time, the heart is a lot of peace. Heart also calculate quiet, see a project and do a website to also have more consideration.

I wrote some articles in mid August and September, about some of the first time I started website support project promotion. Received the recognition of friends, has also been questioned by friends. Of course, the process is the most profitable of my own. I have accumulated some experience.

, talk about the topic that I share today, that is, the project that my website supports.

‘s reason for the busy CEO’s impression of the tenant was that the idea of sharing houses was not publicly recognized in china.


business in the fierce competition, but in the future the judgment about the short rental industry, Luo Jun and Chen Chi point is very close to the two that, after years of hard work and brewing, China short rental market has been in the outbreak of the eve.

way home with a pig is China short rental market two representative company, started with the housing trust model to model the way home heavier Online + line, the pig is Airbnb loyal imitator, oriented in the business of C2C.

4 years ago, Airbnb and Uber launched a share of the economy has been favored by Chinese entrepreneurs. In the same year, under the influence of Airbnb and Uber, the company of pig, drop and fast was established in china.

in the first half of this year, however, the two models were looking increasingly similar.

way home co-founder Luo Jun

on his 4th anniversary anniversary this year, Chen Chi released his landlord’s diary, which he has insisted on sharing one of his own. In the article entitled "1120 days, 360 strangers live in my house", Chen recalls some of his impressive tenants.

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