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New business Liu Aiming Mao Daqing are public record earnings for feudal lords vying for the throne

, chief designer of China Beidou system first academician Sun Jiadong pointed out that the development and application of Beidou should not be confined to a single field, need more professional, integration of innovation and development of cross industry; "Beidou +" multi-creation space will urge the Beidou industrialization and application innovation.


one stone arouses thousands of waves. In this regard, Societe Generale Securities sponsor representative Li Bin, Guoxin Securities sponsor representative Meng Fanlong have said that the merger examination committee is the general trend, which is conducive to the concept of unified audit. Because the current main board and gem two markets do not exist substantive differences, boundaries are relatively vague, there is no difference between the audit standards.

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increasing the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors;

relying on this social resources for entrepreneurs to provide work space, network space, communication space and resource sharing space, various places, with low cost, convenience, all elements of the service platform, its operations and profit model for the industry focus.

whether the main board or the gem, the above three aspects of the audit standards are the same, the difference between the two markets reflected in:

and the increase of illegal members publicly condemned the way.

in April 15th, the city’s new industrial holding compass + multi-creation space "officially unveiled, the core platform to build services in the promotion and application of Beidou technology, this platform will cooperate with the China satellite navigation Association, China Beidou technology research institute.

1, gem enterprises listed in the industry must be encouraged by the state to support emerging industries, and the motherboard does not need.

Sun Jiadong, the Beidou satellite navigation system is a global satellite navigation system developed by Chinese, the United States global positioning system GPS, the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system GLONASS after third of the most sophisticated satellite navigation system, is expected to provide global services in 2020.

will be the main board of commissioning Committee, the gem issuance examination committee merger;

and reduce the tenure of members, the former top three term to the two session of the

"Beidou +" multi creation space mode

to clear recommended member responsibility;

revised "measures" mainly includes ten aspects:

public information shows that in 2015 China’s satellite navigation and location-based services industry output value of more than 190 billion yuan. More than 80% new products and systems have been added to the domestic satellite navigation market, and Beidou compatible technology has been adopted.

, that is, any section of the board of issuance examination committee members can be competent for the trial work of the other side of the board, and the two trial committees are not technically difficult to merge, which is a trend of the times.

2, the gem of the profits are low, the standard is listed last year net profit can reach about 30 million, but at the same time, the growth of demand for three years during the reporting period is higher; and before the board requirements of small plates is four or five million yuan, is not high on the growth requirements.

II. To strengthen the recruitment of the examination and examination committee and to set up a selection committee;

III to increase the audit arrangements for the issuance of audit work;


4. To improve the trading system of the members of the Commission for examination and approval;

the legal level is reflected in the history of business and legal compliance; financial level to reflect the authenticity of the performance of the company’s financial data; growth reflects the company’s industry and business competitiveness in the industry in technology.

merger examination committee is the general trend of

City chairman Liu Aiming introduced new industries, "compass +" public space will be integrated funds, technology, teams, enterprises and key research institutes, to build Beidou industry public service platform, forming North

, more and more real estate company executives choose to start their own businesses, "public space" is one of the most popular direction. In addition to Liu Aiming, also resigned Vanke Mao Daqing also created a "Hugo workshop" of the project.

, the "Beidou + public space" settled in Shenzhen, Shenzhen is based on regional and talent advantages. At present, Shenzhen around the Beidou satellite system technology development company has nearly 800, intelligent hardware industry base and industrial chain ecological good.

today, the Commission spokesman Gao Li said that the Commission will publish the revised issue review committee hereinafter referred to as the "measures" ", including: merge the motherboard fashenwei and fashenwei gem, the number of full-time members increased from 60 to 66.

;To improve the working conditions of the IEC members

at the same time, the new investment in the Beidou industry and the number of new enterprises increased rapidly. There are more than 13000 enterprises and institutions in the field of satellite navigation and location-based services, employing nearly 400 thousand people. The total number of Listed Companies in the industry including three new board reached 21, and the listed companies involved in satellite navigation and location-based services accounted for about 6% of China’s total output value.

after Vanke, hyupshin occupation managers career, Liu Aiming now is the identity of "the city of new industry" founder. Around the main business of the new space of new industries, the development of entrepreneurial companies, using the Internet thinking to form a "tribe" + community build industry ecosystem overweight real estate industry, now gradually gain a firm foothold in Shenzhen, rapid operation.

consider increasing the number of full-time members, members of the number increased from 60 to 66;

, general manager of, Shandong branch of Northeast Securities, further explained that the audit of the IPO focuses on three areas: Law, finance and growth.


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