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Air China won the top ten search engine optimization details Shanghai Longfeng sites to see

two, website: website home page H tags using the H1 tags with the keyword "ticket book", the website’s main products with H tags can increase the spider on the keyword recognition, to emphasize the role, at the same time, different pages to give different keywords H1 tag set, set according to the main content of the page the station can not pass to add the same keywords H tag, and a web page can only add a H1 tag.

, a Website Title: China International Airlines plane ticket booking inquiries – _ flight inquiry _ latest discount special offer ticket, a Title Optimization Principle: corporate brand name + product + product attributes + product discount information. The title of the users most want to care about the product information express, potential customers pay attention to enterprise’s main products, whether it meets the requirements of product value parameters of customer care, actually is the network marketing e-commerce platform operators, users always feel may have more advantages than offline sales, so the product sales discount scheme the customer is more concerned about the topic. Simple and clear air clear title to the product attributes of the most incisive expression, no accumulation of keywords of the suspects, completely for the user experience to consider.

2013 Site navigation design four, clear

: website design at the top of the navigation of the main information service can provide the display, classification is also very small, not only can better let spiders crawl on the page, but also allows users to find information easily. Site map navigation table design pattern, so that customers clearly can find the corresponding product information, spiders also can smoothly capture. Website pages breadcrumb is divided into: home > a classification list > the two level classification list > specific pages. A list of the structure is a top-down navigation mode, the user can directly find the top-down and the corresponding products, reasonable profit.

three, good user experience: with the gradual development and stability of the Internet search engine, the user experience is highly valued in the user experience, Air China has done a very extreme, not only taking into account the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, more consideration of the product user experience, not only provide ticket booking service system. At the same time also provide detailed information service for the user, the construction of the chain is to let more users can browse the relevant contents. The chain construction Air China is the ultimate way to add anchor text links to the home page keywords no cheat add more links to related pages and information service can help users better understand the product.

third Chinese Shanghai dragon ranking conference, won the 2013 top ten Shanghai dragon website Award "and" top ten enterprises electricity supplier Shanghai dragon website award". In order to improve website traffic, website sales driven, Air China started for the website structure, content, user experience and other aspects of search engine optimization at the end of 2012. The part-time job go together with all the details of the site optimization analysis.

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