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Do not love the Shanghai domain in the first place


first, I also think so, after all, the chain query, we only get the results of the chain, and keywords ranking Never mind much. For example, now you domain webmaster nets, Adsense network. After the inquiry found that the results did not appear in the first place, it is because the weight of stationmaster net is beyond doubt. If you still don’t believe, can domain NetEase 163, the result is the same, so it is proved that the weight was not affected by the domain ranking effect.

sometimes you will find Links domain not in the home, this is not normal, as long as you see the key after you will find all the keywords ranking is down. Check the data after that, as long as it is a new station, such a problem, immediately ranked No. But this is not much impact on the old station, a few days again in the normal, but for new sites, in the short term if it is slow but awkward.

through the above analysis, according to the new station, if the domain is not in the first place, will be ready. The chain of stability will directly affect the site’s ranking. Here, the collection content too much, or Links problems, or problems, will lead to domain is not in the home. Even though the site results in the first place, but the snapshot, keywords ranking will not keep pace with. If correct this problem, the domain result will be transformed to normal. This is just a matter of time, but if you are unlucky, it is possible to wait a year.

site and domain are most concerned about the website optimization command. Not surprisingly, site is a web site, the site does not appear first we will determine the right to be reduced, in fact, this situation is very rare, because many websites from included over yuan down to site included a digit, or find the URL appears in the first. So site down the right and not completely corresponding relationship. On the contrary, the site site appears in the first site may not be without any problems. If the domain is such a problem, is not the same as site, if not the same, domain is not the first cause is what

once you love Shanghai website domain results is not the first, don’t let down, analyze and solve problems with patience, love Shanghai will let you go. Perhaps the improvement, but also by the love interest of Shanghai, ranking perhaps ah. >

as everyone knows, love Shanghai’s search results is in accordance with the weight of the rankings, if domain is not in the first place, this is a sign that is not right to be reduced? Although many people think that domain only query outside the chain, do not have much practical significance. As long as the keywords or snapshot ranking, and the chain is not the main factor, but you see there is a flow over 10000 website is it


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