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5 basic ways to make your site included increasing

this point is the most important aspect, to know when love Shanghai spider climb to our site, got some fresh information, it will not attract more spiders to? The answer is yes, if you often is to update the original article, the love of spiders in Shanghai love will be a long time on your site, so that access frequency is rising, if the original is not very good at the appropriate pseudo original, but not the essence of what is new, so as to let the spider don’t run away.

four: the chain of spamming will lead you to the site of deadly trauma

On the 5 principles of

two: exchange Links selection

love Shanghai very much and included below, I think if the webmaster can very good do the following method, then the love of Shanghai is also included the website will be improved, the number of the amount collected after all the love of Shanghai in a certain degree is to improve your site name degree, so do the work for you included in the optimization of the above is also very helpful, I will briefly introduce the 5 methods.

three: the domain name of the website do not often change

on this point I think everyone should know, if you change the domain name probably reduces the love Shanghai for your liking. So you collect and snapshot will be reduced and stagnation, especially for the new station, this particular attention, otherwise it will affect all aspects of your website the.


good Links can bring to the site in a certain degree of trust and reputation, and to let love Shanghai on your site’s favorability was enhanced for the site selection is the first to consider the site’s PR value and love Shanghai snapshot of the time, if you find the love sea snapshot in a certain period of time are you not with the new, for the Links to do a comprehensive review, see if it is in a certain extent by the love of Shanghai punishment, see included quantity is not reduced, it can eliminate certain risks, to avoid the impact on their website.

many people think that the chain is also the more the better, but you know what? Although this may bring you some visitors, but this method is really useful for you whether the website is the website? Want to know now is playing the adhesion of the user, if a web site is IP high, but PV is small, I think your website was no better, but the chain will lead to spamming your site into the sea in the sandbox, so your website included snapshot and has a lot of influence, is not conducive to the promotion of the website construction and.

if you can grasp the good site with new strength, then your website, especially for the information station, will retain a lot of users, the user viscosity will be greatly raised.

five: with the new strength of

: adhere to the original article every day

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