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Dedecms personal optimization summary

three, the content page title as the title of the article – the site name

, the page title can directly modify the template for your own needs of the title, you can not Dede

The URL website optimization title

URL path sites require a brief, which is beneficial in Shanghai Longfeng, but the default Dede URL path is very long, so we have to change a little short. When I was PS because the station did not see, so I still have the website is the default, too late for regrets.

due to their use of dedecms built a few sites, so I feel a lot, but also because of their neglect, many places do not have enough optimization when the site began, leading to late to change it difficult, so we decided to write an article, let the back of the friends can see when the station began to sit down, reference. Although the Dede program in the default time optimization have done a good job, but in a lot of details or shortcomings, we need to change ourselves. Of course, this is also the default directly. If we start.

a you can change anything you want such as post, men etc.. After this change, your article URL should become /a/. The id.html is not standardized.

in the program management senior where we can see the default format is so {typedir}/{Y}{M}{D}/{aid}.html I can directly into the a/{aid}.html


Dede is the default path. /a/ column path / date / this article id.html this URL link is very cumbersome, too long, the spider crawling is not optimized, so need to optimize. If you can change the URL /a/ id.html. The standard format that is quite good, following the change method.

, two page list can be written in a column name – Shanghai dragon title – the site name

path optimizationWe know that the


[2] URL

The tagMark

started working site and then hard to delete some articles, so we must do 404 page 404 page, then you can go to Shanghai to search for love, there are a lot of beautiful pages, and then download the following we can modify the parameters inside, and then uploaded to the website, you can. The specific method is set to love Shanghai or noble baby, virtual host should be achieved in the control panel, VPS or independent host you can add 404 parameters in the configuration file, please love me in Shanghai.

[3] to 404 pages and 301 directional

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