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5800 daily search volume competition 0 Taobao keywords paradisexiaobai navigation


recently a friend wanted to do a Taobao station, let me help you find the key words, the old way to see the drop-down box look at search, love Shanghai index, the final choice of the keyword recommendation, when the final step in the discovery of a phenomenon of interest:

The following is a

: we summarize the website planning time in addition to choose keywords relevant search search, see the bottom of the drop-down box (this is not accurate, sometimes several times daily search will be displayed here), Shanghai love index as the change of the reference — to view the search volume (search trend is stable, have no brush marks), the main search volume keywords or keyword recommendation, which determine that is related to the long tail keywords, there are all these keywords search volume every day.

well, first page with Taobao shopping guide is not what relationship, in addition to the first two level domain name; as the saying goes, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, to see him outside of the chain:

in search keywords recommended inside, "Taobao", the last third "taob" is obviously belongs to the error input, the word error input search every day up to 5800 times the number of go, habitually to look at the search page:


it seems that his external links are really very few, that is to say the wrong input keywords he can do the first, not by the chain, then continue to follow see content; open the site look, standard single page style, but a little different, generally single page list or a few the picture above is down, his guest API program, and Taobao’s interface is very similar, so the search after click in there will be no doubt.

wordpress blog, and the blog is very particular, the main interface shows only a log color is black and white, and the lower end of some distance from the navigation website. The log number is not much, it seems content doesn’t spend too much energy to put the word in the first row. Finally decided to do the wrong input keywords, not much competition should be easy to put the word do up.

but these words are not suitable for us to optimize, why, please look at my search results:



also, you must carefully found above, in addition to the "taob" keyword search volume and competition as well as small, such as "taobaowang", "Taobao", and the "package", "Taoba", "TBW" which is also consistent with several search volume small degree of competition conditions:

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