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4 months of popular keyword optimized ranking experience sharing

for keywords ranking, I have always stressed the idea is to meet user demands. The stability of the rankings, the click rate is the key. 5 years ago the Shanghai dragon Er actually do not know their home shows how many times, have triggered what keywords are displayed. But now, love Shanghai can tell you the real time administrator tools. Today your home shows how many times, and how many click. The website of the high click rate will be stable ranking.

4.301 directional domain name: this one has many technical articles in the website, the website not to say, to identify a unique domain name is OK, the other 301 are the domain name to the Lord.

little gossip! To share some elements of the optimization operation of the rankings:




3. is a very important: the stability of the server, if detected with IP on the site there are other sites on the lottery, gambling, massage and other health care sites. Need to replace the IP, or the purchase of independent ip.


time flies, since it is 5 years. Kunming, October, breezy, sometimes accompanied by rain.

1. sites from the outset to good planning, need to optimize what keywords, what is the name of the web site. Once identified do not change easily. Change every two or three days, the search is not love you, but also do not know exactly what you want to do, not to mention ranking.

5. of the content on the website construction website the best write copy of the article may be found everywhere is poor, is not conducive to link exchange. The article is not much, but in essence, better able to clearly express their own products and services.

the answer is yes. Users love your website, but also love persistent; then the search is not necessary to adjust your website ranking hurt the user experience.


said the user experience, the author again: the server stability is very large influence on the Shanghai dragon, faster access to more stable, more easy to site optimization. The stability index of the website, from a certain angle, even more than the chain. A three minutes are not open the site, even if the global Internet Co to a chain in front of you, you can not be ranked in the search. The reason is very simple, website access speed slow, seriously hurt the user experience. This is the only

second and the first consistent. Don’t change the site directory structure, the pure static pages of the site, the site once again generated the best before deleting redundant page. Don’t make the total static page generation frequent operation, multi operation several times, search engines will think that your site has been in the construction, to enter the study period.

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