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An example to explain how to increase website traffic conversion


fifth, jump page not too fast: many hospital sites will take this approach, when users enter the site, could not wait to jump to the page of the consultation, but will let the user objectionable, when the proposal in 3 minutes to the consultation in the jump, when users need to know on their own have been used general understanding.

because I do the medical industry site, so in the medical industry, for example, more than a week to explain the real case. We do the purpose is to profit, only the website users to flow into consultation in order to achieve the purpose of profit, but this occurs in many websites: every website traffic many users, but the conversion rate is very low, even many websites also appeared in the conversion rate is zero. Today the author according to their real case to explain this problem.

method to improve website traffic users transformation The author of the

贵族宝贝csnanke贵族宝贝/ website at two weeks ago, hundreds of users daily web traffic, but the natural flow of the user conversion rate is almost zero. Through a series of adjustment for a week after the current conversion rate although is very low, but significant transformation than before the zero rate is much better, has been able to bring some advice on effective natural flow to yourself. I share my experience here in case you want to help.

third, the title of the article attractive and persuasive: the title is the paper’s charm, a good title to let users impressed, attract the user’s desire to read, read the user can click on the consultation. Good title also can attract spiders, increase the number of spider crawling, the increase in the rate of collection, the best of both worlds.

, the first station in quality: if the article is not readable, the user experience is not good, can not let users click on the advice of the desire to do user site traffic has no meaning. So we must improve the quality of the article, in the article more guide users to click on the words of.

site overall layout: appearance is the first image users to enter the site after the first image, good can let patients will be your entire site to think, if the site is out of order, the user first will doubt your credibility, careful users will directly off the web page.

fourth, stable server: server stability is a prerequisite for the construction site, if the server is not stable, no matter how good your site’s ranking, the quality of the content is good, after it was found that when the user clicks on the website cannot open, or open speed is very slow, the user will be the first time to close the current page, choose another page at the same time, will give users leave untrustworthy impression.

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