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The next Shanghai dragon how to walk the road

In the article

three, the readability of

since June last year, great changes have taken place in the search engine, especially the love of Shanghai, each have a lot of change. I believe love Shanghai why such a big change everyone should be very clear. Each update a large number of sites down, unfortunately, the last traffic site the last fall in last month’s update. I believe that many owners have this worry, do not know what their standing in the fall time. This period of time, many webmaster switch to a full-time webmaster to go to work. Does Shanghai dragon really dead? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon did not end, but more mature. I think a lot about the next Shanghai dragon how to do, how to do not fall in the next change. Here is some of my summary, for a long time did not write the article, hope to write well where we don’t throw bricks.

good layout is itself a good foundation, so all the snacks to the site, feel the lack of design sense of the word can refer to reference other website. Pay special attention to the point that, not in the head or bottom accumulation keywords, but also not in the articles within the anchor text with many. Although sometimes these will not affect the weight of the website, but it is always a hidden bomb, I do not know what time will explode.

a little bit more, try to be original, readable. According to the website sometimes need to reprint some articles, but it is best to reprint articles not more than the original article. We look at the A5 webmaster will know, many articles are our original, rankings are very good. Original content, website page rank is high, the weight of the entire station will go up naturally.


, a Title

should be concise and to the point


all love the headline is very long, a keyword even repeated several times. Before doing really quite useful, can get good rankings, but not now, love Shanghai clearly pointed out that all user experience is given priority to. As can be imagined, even very long winded title search engine is not love. To give you an example, if the "tin tea" tea "tea factory" and "Shenzhen tea" these words, we can write "Shenzhen tea factory, specializes in tin canisters, saying Title advantage is concise, the user at a glance you can see this website is what. Many well-known websites title are very simple, I believe we all know. So I guess, after a while, two sites in the same conditions, the right to the simple title long winded than good. Because everything is mainly to the user experience.

four, the chain construction must pay attention to the quality of

site layout is reasonable

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