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Three kinds of website optimization ability in the new era under the Shanghai dragon er must have

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a gradual process is a constant from strategy to implementation to verify the new strategy to adjust such an iterative process as a thinking of the optimization of personnel, the author thinks that we should not only possess skilled optimization experience and skills, the solid web technology ability and super self management constraints is essential as a good quality of Shanghai dragon Er, continued the good gossip short on several levels below and we analyzed one by one.

first, the actual operation ability of solid website optimization. As a site optimization personnel combat operations is definitely a must, I think whether you are a novice or veteran must have their own in a particular field or industry can Nadechushou optimization case, this is the core, for the novice friends love of theoretical knowledge, such as a web site keywords layout, three tag writing in fact, the construction of the chain, these theoretical things that it can do but All the world knows., to use their own optimization site, the author thinks that the only real friends will have the profound understanding, here I suggest everyone at the same time learning theory knowledge, the best to establish their own website, a website is a can optimize the real platform, will learn the theoretical knowledge to practice in the process of the website, such as This chapter updates, said many people would say, adhere to the original update every day included, certainly no problem, but I want to say is a new station in your own original update an article every day, 30 days a month calculated by next month, what love Shanghai update included can reach 30, this result the only real operation friends will have the right to speak, even if it is your own original article, there is no value, to help users? Even if the content is original will still be shut out, and get the results, real time adjustment, so as to achieve our desired results, this time we get the so-called the precious experience, experience is not to say do it. I would like to explain the above website optimization only one point, we don’t just do oral gentleman and action villain, passion, ideas, earnest to build a website up combat is the kingly way.

second, website maintenance optimization technology indispensable ability. The author before entering the website optimization, through self study hard. CMS, this is for many of my friends have to master the skill of the system, first let the author can have their own real platform. Secondly, the author finds that in the process of Web site optimization in addition to using these open-source program, he still can not achieve optimization of many ideas such as you to add your own advertising, or modify the template imitation station so let the optimization thinking have been restricted, in this case the author chose to learn HTML or DW, for layout table. Gradually the weaving imitation station, optimization of their own ideas can by virtue of their mastery of the technology to realize, this is when I found the website. >

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