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You may know the blog marketing Shanghai dragon skills


4) blog in order to get good results, also need to interact with readers, there are many bloggers to write blog love yourself as the center, to express personal idea, but you should know you this is.

1) to the original best is original, everybody does not love to see repeat things, but also love Shanghai, Google is not love.

blog about the readability of

blog practice, there have been launched blog marketing their own way, every work of different people do have found not the same, so here is simply to share my blog can be found in the multiplier last secret, special attention, very useful.

3) blog absolutely must pay attention to the layout problem, does not require at least a personalized, neat and orderly, meet the people’s daily reading. I believe the basic layout we still know, for example, paragraph clear, at the beginning of each paragraph two blank spaces are very simple. The trouble that you can choose manual typesetting software tools a key layout format, is also very convenient.

2) can not be original, even if it is reproduced, it should also have a clear direction to choose the type. The article try to find yourself and for a long time, the industry gradually establish their own ideological orientation, set up the authority of a field, a field which attract readers, so as to improve the weights of the blog. You can’t say you do the mold, you spend a lot of time in the blog net is beauty class. It should be from two point of view, the Internet industry is because you can build a special Internet channel blog; in addition to customers is the mold industry, then set up a mold industry channel blog two blog, can operate together, a successful Shanghai Dragon Phoenix absolutely impossible only a blog account.

2, 1, the appearance of

in addition to simple and readable appearance, readability but also pay more attention to the content of the article, after all, a blog, the article is the main ingredient, perfect dishes, ingredients just dump pickled vegetables, it is meaningless. No one love to see a word is very small, pale, and out of order typesetting pointless blog. When you write the article to pay attention to the following points.

a blog has a comfortable and simple appearance is one of the important factors to attract people stop in perspective, this is fundamental to the blog, bloggers suggested before the design of the font color, size, style, you should first consider good to people. If like KFC marketing target is the fashion trend of young people, it would have to take the fashion personality route, with young people’s words "dazzle". If you like the mold marketing object is the traditional mold business, it would have to go as far as possible convergence, low-key calm route, but also a problem can not be ignored is that many die are soil boss, then you toward the "soil" development of your blog, meet them in the most traditional style.

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