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The website included the cause of instability

again, the updated content quality; update the contents of my own advocate is original, but not everyone can write out the original, then we must ensure the quality in the case of their own pseudo original, do not use the market spread of pseudo original tools, although good, but there is no user experience the article is of no significance to keep visitors, what we should do, but when PV is low, it shows you the quality is not very good, the quality assurance, the key update the quality directly is attractive, write some experience and experience, but also to ensure visitors.

second, updates do not use collector; this, first introduced the following acquisition, acquisition is the information of some of the information related to a fully integrated, and large quantities of articles, especially when the content is focused to a platform, there will be a situation that is the site of the mirror when a web site, and another website content is roughly the same, you may make mistake se you stand is mirrored in others sites, and then directly drop right, do it yourself after someone off Taobao image station, so as to make their own stand serious drop right, have to change, so the acquisition, great harm, and resolutely resist the acquisition, but also has a good collection, that is collected locally, selected articles, into their own websites, this is what we should learn, The acquisition is not everything, choose what we should do, to strengthen their selectivity, and love Shanghai for these acquisition too powerful website, content is not high quality of the station, take the method is included and then deleted, this is the strategy, also is what I want to say, is not broken decreased, while increased. Reduce the site repeatability, no use to delete all selected articles out, this is the problem of site.

first, the home page updated content; home page, general love of Shanghai first place to visit, if there is a new link, it will take time to climb, so, the first impression is very important, and if you don’t update the page on the home page, then love Shanghai need further two or three layers to access to, but in general we stand for, love Shanghai situation how deep, how many times are love Shanghai review once, instead of the next visit, these are can be analyzed through the web log, I also observed on their web sites, see the love of Shanghai home more frequently, so if you update the contents of URL, the link is too far away from home, will not be easy to be crawling, remember.

recently updated weekly is always so tangled, every case is included not stable, a rose, a decline, then there is no stable increase, this situation lasted for a few months, about this kind of situation, in the forum page is not uncommon, there are always friends say, I collected is not stable, so here the author say, the website included the cause of instability, here think of four points, the hope can help to your own website.

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