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The site is not installed love Shanghai love Shanghai Statistics website how to determine the user v

3. believe that the search engines can also refer to many other data, the mainstream search engine will have huge data to conduct research and analysis.

from the search engine into your web traffic is a short time to return to the search engine search results or click on other related words, which can be analyzed in the search engine user behavior station.


here we love Shanghai Webmaster Platform got the answer, here to share with you, and indeed is not as search engine and traffic statistics tool to determine the content of the website of the viscosity, but the search engine will be analyzed according to his statistics data, two examples, two points:

first search terms: Shanghai dragon, query link:

also love Shanghai can also through the user’s search habits to determine the

? problem! For example, 1.

2. search engines have been trying to put their own "robot" and make ordinary users as like as two peas standing in his point of view, you think about how he would judge, the content of your analysis more accurate; correlation links and content on your main content around the recommended in the judgment (not related links and content and will not attract ordinary users, reflecting the viscosity in some degree is not very good for you); the web advertising is also the location of judgment (a baby is not already posted a blog). All of these can reflect your website user experience how.

4. Shanghai dragon do content and user experience for search engines are inevitable, but deliberately to cater to all the data, the evaluation of the search engine on your exceeds a threshold, may make you listed as "excessive optimization" or cheating, of course, how to do, the search engine is not telling the public.

love Shanghai non-stop to put forward the importance of user viscosity, the recent K station to weight high site viscosity greatly improved, but I looked at a lot of books about the principle of search engine, do not mention how to achieve the user viscosity is how to judge. Use cnzz to track the flow of many webmaster all know, it can calculate the single user clicks, page retention time, enter the page, leaving the page information to determine the viscosity level, that is we hung up the cnzz statistical code on the site, he can monitor the data, then the love of Shanghai is how to judge it? We did not hang love Shanghai love Shanghai code, and how to realize the statistics? Can enter the page through love Shanghai search into the page to know, but the residence time of the page and click the number and how to achieve it? The only function is to grab the spider and will not stay on the site, so the spider can not determine the the user viscosity, so our website without any love Shanghai things, love Shanghai and by what technology to achieve the user viscosity if judged? Love the sea really can not determine the user viscosity so we optimize the user viscosity and the meaning of this

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