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Shanghai Longfeng rules frequently updated under the hope of the future where the webmaster

two, Links trading phenomenon is more and more heavy

Shanghai dragon and ten years ago has been completely different, then as long as the site fill in meters title, description and keywords, so our website will have a very good ranking. In the previous 5 years, as long as we insist every day to update the article, slightly to exchange Links, so our website will also have good ranking. Now with the rapid development of Shanghai dragon, often a keyword will be accompanied by a large number of competitors in the daily updates to maintain the good article, we will continue to send the chain, as long as the chain is enough, then our ranking will be good enough, it will cause the Internet foreign chain get in by every opening, garbage the chain of flying. Fall in love with the sea in recent months to upgrade has been very focused on the existence of the chain of garbage sites were hit. So the quality of the chain is the direction of our efforts in the future, if it is the same as before blindly send a lot of junk information, then your future will be dark.

, a group of software flood, garbage chain disaster

The front page of the site for the weight of

Shanghai Longfeng rules frequently updated under the hope of the future where

love from May this year the Shanghai rules until now, webmaster friends has experienced several heavy blow, in the face of love Shanghai again and large-scale K ruthless station, many webmaster friends have gradually lost confidence. Don’t China stationmaster "2012" really come? The original Kodak company is the world’s largest film production enterprises, but the final fate is already into bankruptcy. NOKIA compared to every one of us is very clear, once as the world’s largest selling mobile phone giant, and now it is extremely bleak, what was so brilliant enterprise with today’s situation? We may wish to look at, first, the two companies have one thing in common, that is the victory of ash the head did not stand in the position of the user into consideration, which ultimately leads to the situation today. Go back to the Internet today, love Shanghai once said: "we are forever from bankruptcy only 30 days", which fully demonstrates the love of Shanghai only follow the user needs to develop, if contrary to the wishes of users, then it from the bankruptcy of the day is not far away. I love Shanghai once again updated this year, also cater to the needs of users and will put a lot of junk information in the Internet to get rid of, so as to be loved by users. From the perspective of Internet marketing Shanghai Longfeng, every upgrade Shanghai love are accompanied by the rules change, how should we treat the Shanghai dragon er? First, we first look at the current domestic situation:


is very high, so in recent years, Links trading is explosive growth, if Links exchange a website that’s what normal, but this is the sale of links cheating has seriously affected the healthy development of the Internet. "

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