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Shanghai Longfeng Master workplace should be good at learning willing to learn and study

third points, is now weakness over the interests of the entire industry, not just a novice, senior practitioners also exist such problems, the reason is very simple, because there are too many websites need to do optimization, so the optimization of more and more companies want to use the shortest time to complete the order, and then to take over another order to make more money, but this often.

is now the site optimization so fire, naturally there will be more people to join us now in this industry, take the recent recruitment to several new colleagues, all are 90, let these "old man" could not help but sigh houshengkewei, but even the strong professional skills, many beginners there are also many problems, attitude adjustment not enough time, not optimization techniques to effectively control, although he is not what the industry master, but after all these years, there are still some of their own experience, in this share out, hope to help Shanghai Longfeng novices who just enter the workplace.

does not know the above four points, you have not, at least from the moment I come into contact with the novice Shanghai dragon, these four cases are common, said the first research personnel, this is actually a very good idea, after all, Shanghai Longfeng professional all day and dealing with a search engine, it is crucial to understand like, but we can not go to extremes, after all, website of the theme is not a search engine, but the content and the chain, as you study all day equation, but not the actual use, the site is real, not only concerned about the seemingly deep things, no practical use, in my opinion, as long as we know how to optimize the site most effective can, in principle do not get to the bottom.

Internet technology change rapidly, not a kind of optimization method can be used for life, just before the popular blog, the forum outside the chain, since love Shanghai update algorithm, given the weight of spider is more and more low, so this requires us to constantly innovate their technology, develop in the industry in the long term. But at the same time, many novices will be asked, what should we learn? In fact sometimes is also learning, but the effect is far, there exists a problem, the skills of learning. Here let me enumerate several new recurring problems:

second, market research methods long cost, this in fact as long as the use of good, worthy of our praise, but to pay attention to a degree of the problem, after all, the site has a lot of work we need to do, and the optimization method of innovation is often found in practice, which will reduce their own door effect.

3 is only concerned with results, but asked from


optimization method is studied for a very long time to spend 2 more new

4 too believe in yourself, not to ask others

1 is often studying the principle of search engine

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