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Rookie webmaster share trade website optimization experience

Foreign trade website optimization Website

3. foreign trade website optimization website space construction

1: foreign trade website template construction site optimization


foreign trade site is mainly to electric business oriented, to the user to maximize the display of your products information, so the website template first carefully, website template selection can not be too fancy, to show the style of products in the home, do not choose their own template template system, according to their own needs to template don’t optimize the choice with scrolling picture template, this will increase the burden on the server.

The rapid development of

2: website of foreign trade website optimization domain name

trade website pictures are, which inadvertently will increase website open speed, website pictures do not use flash, the ALT attribute of the picture and website related keywords. The pictures do not design too large picture to respond to the real product information, pictures through art and then posted to the site.

website is like a person’s name, a good domain name easy to remember, the domain name to choose their products and similar Pinyin, or is the name of the enterprise website, or is a main product English name, this is more conducive to foreign trade station ranking. In the sentence many times people will pay a high price to buy the domain name, this is enough to reflect the value of the domain name, so the webmaster don’t ignore the importance of optimization in domain name.

foreign picture file is many, this will increase the stability of the site space, and web access speed, foreign trade website and domestic websites as the space access speed is most concerned about is the search engine, users are most concerned about. Foreign users are valued in time, time is money for them, who are willing to open your site here. So the selection of foreign trade station space to access speed, independent IP, best foreign host, now many foreign virtual host, there are a lot of host customer service and the speed is very impressive, also do not need to record. The webmaster don’t worry that your foreign host, but even if you host the money saved, it depends on what you give your own profit, the webmaster can buy in the discount, HostEase hosting promotions, discount code: HostEase, purchase discount 20%, no preferential time needed the webmaster can try.


4. logo pictures of

5. foreign trade website optimization Website navigation construction

trade website navigation construction is indispensable, in the chain of the site itself is very few, the navigation chain.

the Internet, e-commerce gradually replaced the traditional marketing methods, domestic and foreign trade is more and more common, more and more foreign trade website, did not make foreign trade station owners will begin to consider how to optimize the foreign trade website, construction of foreign trade station need to optimize those aspects of their own, and share the experience of foreign trade station.

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