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Talk about those things and click search keywords ranking engine

if the webmaster to own the user experience of the website is very confident, if really love Shanghai from real traffic later, can maintain a false PV, this method can be regarded as a convenient way to quickly improve the ranking, conversely, if the home page ranking, PV and IP are faster than the drop words, search engine is very easy to think of the station is a garbage station, cheating the search engine ranking will be very detrimental to the site. Don’t lose, the safest way is to slowly hand Shanghai dragon.

is now a lot of people through the search keyword Click to enter your own website to do keywords ranking, the site also has a lot of friends ask how users "keyword click ranking effect is not on the internet". Today daddy happy net to solve this problem and we discuss. It certainly can be said by keyword click on the influence of the ranking is not only, and is certainly one of the factors of a search engine for a keyword ranking weight is very high, it may be even higher than the chain of voting. But this method we still recommend caution is wonderful, if not good, will cause the search engine doesn’t trust the site, causing the site is down right or direct K station.


, we guess the search engine is how to evaluate a web site keywords ranking click. Personally, the website weight is low or when comparing the partial keyword ranking, search engines are turning a blind eye to a lot of factors behind the Ranking Ranking, because basically will not get traffic from search engines, it will not affect the search engine user experience, at this time, if the key words Click on the search, search engines are not to judge this click is not cheating, it will put the note for a user click on the real votes in key weight but for ranking and low weight website, search engines will not have a sense of trust, this time he will record user access to each page of the website to obtain the time and the average value of PV, for future reference! This time because the user experience is very good website search engine eyes, 1IP To 5-10PV, so the website keywords ranking rise gradually, will soon rise to the home page, but there should be a limit to the number of sites such as the real love of Shanghai users search traffic, love Shanghai will take this time PV and the access time and the original record PV, access time comparison, if almost you can determine the content of this site is relatively excellent, with the user experience, continue to improve weight; if PV has a relatively large decline of words, search engine will think this site is the key word for cheating to do search engine rankings, then the consequences of everyone’s hard to pay as can be imagined, we were led to the site drop cast to the wind. Right or K is inevitable. Another point, with software cheating, personally think that the search engine by the ability to judge the software click, if you really do stand, do not use the software click ranking, otherwise there will be K off directly. Of course, the search engine algorithms who do not know, these are just.

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