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How to do web site optimization in order to make the site on the right track

1. must have a clear objective, to know the website to finally reach the height. Simple to say that we should have a clear plan in the website optimization before, know how to do, and finally reached the height of what. So we will optimize the site in future are not lost. Do not know to what extent, will not appear the next do not know how to do the problem. So we will always know what to place their own website optimization, reached the height of what, and our ultimate goal there is much gap. Otherwise, if we do not have a clear plan to do before optimization, step by step and then to do it. This result will be very poor, because we are always in confusion, we do not know the site to reach the heights, also do not know the degree has reached now website optimization process. So in disorderly fashion to do a website optimization, the problem will naturally overgrown. So in order to make the site on the right track you must first have a clear goal of planning.

2. website optimization taboo follow suit, modify the site. After the establishment of good gist of our website, then we have to do is keep on

website optimization is a very long road. A good website optimization to make a website on the right track, so he in the website optimization process will face many difficulties and troubles. From the beginning of the framework design, website, thinking of a chain, to optimize the final site, which is a web site optimization must face and go through the process, of course, it is impossible to make the website optimization will have Everything is going smoothly., broke into the trouble in the process of optimized website. These then we do website optimization, how to do to make our website optimization on track

in fact, each website optimization Shanghai dragon er who want their website quickly on the right track, running the website can smooth and safe, then you can easily as a webmaster to profit from. But we have the website optimization, are often filled with beautiful imagination, but it’s not so easy. We are at the beginning of the period of hope with efforts to do our website optimization, to some original content every day, update our site, and then go to the site of the chain, the chain end is constantly slowly to do a website, I thought that way to sites will get better gradually on the right track. But good wishes, always like a fairy tale as easily broken. Suddenly all sorts of problems coming to a series of problems surfaced, why the website snapshot not update, why web site outside of the chain does not increase the weight of the website, why is stagnant. Why is everything. We got confused and disoriented, can not help but ask how to do site optimization in order to make the site right? In fact, want the website to track is also very simple. The way I share website optimization website that is on track to everyone, we hope to help and inspire you.


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