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Love Shanghai domian orders occur whether or not related to the page will affect the ranking

For the love of Shanghai

love Shanghai domain instructions are not been officially recognized, in the Shanghai dragon throughout the industry era, there are many owners believe that the results of the domain query is the site of the chain. In fact, the relationship between the chain and the related domain should be related to domain > outside the chain, the chain is only related to the domain of A. At the same time, an effective response is related to domain links, like the domain instruction fully match the domain name of the page, this is the relevant domain effectively, which is related to the chain, domain independent, will be after the search engine update gradually disappear, so this is not affected in the keyword ranking.


I think this is not a correct understanding of Scindapsus algorithm, introduced algorithm can go to reference Scindapsus love Shanghai. At the same time like Shanghai’s domain and Google’s link is not the same, only domain related domain, as long as it is similar to domain name will be displayed, the query results are only used as reference data. Google link I personally feel is more authoritative, basically there are chain high weight of the chain, which is more convenient for our reference competitors released outside the chain of resources for their master.

there will be a lot about this domain name page in Shanghai love input domain: domain name such search, and these pages are not consistent with their website content, since the love Shanghai algorithm link trading behavior against the green line, many sites are affected, and even some owners will ask questions, this is that a large number of queries the relevant page results will affect the keywords ranking

domain instructions, we can refer to the results of domain:bbs.fob5贵族宝贝:


for the domain, the emergence of a large number of irrelevant page idea is mainly confused chain and related domain meaning, and to love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm to understand due to insufficient, so owners do not need to worry too much, good user experience and content, keywords ranking is can maintain the stability of the.

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