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The memory of Shanghai dragon three points Creative

last year just begin to contact the pseudo original, it is to use the pseudo original tools, upset paragraph old practices, but later included the feeling that the effect is not very good. Under the guidance of Comrade Hu later on, learn a simple pseudo original technique, is to use their own language to retell a simple article, combined with the optimization of the title, the effect is really good feeling. This way, let the cook not think of his strange place, but we also learn to work in, can also be mixed with some small > create


actually, this how to say a lot of things, everyone is aware of the. People often ask Hefei Shanghai dragon such a problem, why their operation with other people are the same, they love Shanghai update, standing up, and she has slept, very tangled. In fact, the cooks here want to say is, if you always follow the footsteps of others to go, then you will become more and more tangled, because you are the object of others, in the course of time will produce a kind of habit, and this habit of problems in your station, will present the most incisive exhibition. Tangled, edgy, blind and paranoid. Suspicions are likely to be messed up your ideas, and anxious thoughts will become more and more intense, so natural to do no good.

felt before the two to write all or almost, have to say about this article creatively, is actually very simple, is to accept others’ experience at the same time, it is best to have some subjective ideas of their own, and to practice. This is probably someone say, the different problems encountered in different stations, you need to use different methods to solve. Personally think that follow the prescribed order routine is not suitable for the current operation of the Shanghai dragon.

Hefei Shanghai Longfeng cooks take their original articles.

for a long time without nagging, before writing two articles "memories of the Shanghai dragon three points: Initiative" to "the memory of Shanghai dragon three points: enthusiasm", was going to give this a "memory in Shanghai Longfeng three points: creative" also be finished, but recently met with some a headache problem can not be solved, ha ha, I have no time to write. Feel shy.

believe we have heard of a story called Handan, want to learn all you want, but a school is not good, but his own made a mess. Hefei Shanghai Longfeng cooks think, we should from understand a truth, no matter what the situation is, what time, we have to create one of their own way of thinking, to organize and govern our learning and work. When studying, others take essence and discard others only then own dross, clear the things you have learned; when at work, must have their own ideas and operation plan, and follow the blind study, will allow you to pace disorders. It must be his ideas clearly, this will improve their creative.

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