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Through the keyword search change validation 2012 Ma e traders conference speech


later on the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Desheng, and a series of security, all the visitors appeared one by one of the most advanced Tecsun machine products, as well as visitors machine. Due to the "visitor management system" is a term generally refers to the split, with one machine, the word "visitor machine" is gradually accepted by the user, and then to the "visitor machine", now "search visitor machine" and "visitor management system" approach. Below is the change of the word search:

can see from the above analysis, the "visitor management system" this word has maintained a certain amount of search, the overall situation will be a downward trend.

as a member of the 2012 network, how should we face the changing market and customer needs

can clearly see that the "visitor machine" is a term in May 2012 began to appear in search volume, and to this day and every day more than 100 "visitor management system" searches the same. One machine is the future trend, but the "visitor machine" is born for one machine, the user’s search behavior from the original pursuit of split machine using the "visitor management system" gradually transferred to the "visitor machine word. From above a simple example we can see that, the market demand is not immutable and frozen, the user’s search behavior is not immutable and frozen, we are going to listen to consumers, listen to the market, because the market can decide the future.

any time, feedback the first user of the industry may become a hot market in the future, at different times, there will always be different products for users, who can grasp the first information who is likely to become a leader in this industry. If do not keep up with the first line.

visit the aircraft industry as early as 09 years ago is almost blank area, domestic aircraft will visit Tecsun alone big, so in many areas, each place name for this product is not the same as. Because before Troy first proposed the "visitor management system", "visitor registration system" of the word, but the split form, the word search volume is the largest, a figure below is the "visitor management system" the love of Shanghai index a change process:


, keep the first-line communication with users, launched innovative products with market needs


2012 network conference closing speech Ma mentioned in the "entrepreneurs to listen to consumers, listen to the market, because the market can decide the future". After listening to this sentence, we associate this year, some of the changes we are in the industry, in the view of business or marketing personnel, these changes are not worth mentioning, but that every change probably determines the site visitors every day, determines the market demand for consumer products.

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