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The new station and the old station is ranked the second ranking snapshot day off

snapshot day situation more and more frequent, some stations of the situation, ranking did not change obviously, but also some stations, ranking fell sharply.

old station

ranked 4. repeated


, submitted to the A5, the.

! adjusted the weight of love Shanghai


, high grinding the word is very special, although the home has no words, but the number is difficult to do, the station should suddenly go to the 48 position, but also a miracle!

as the saying goes, there are good things and bad things, some of the old site snapshot day. Of course, the website is also attribute the wrong cognition, ranking dropped significantly. Ybsong began to think that as long as you don’t update the site, or later update the site on the line, but at around 2:30 in the afternoon, Shanghai love snapshot or be updated to today, then the ranking began to sharply cut




3. day

! The !Author: ybsong

1. love Shanghai site adjustment.

collection is not surprising, it is strange that he should have ranking, and the difficulty of the ranking is not low.

site adjustment highlights the love of Shanghai’s resolve, even in a period of time of occurrence of a query error, even some data appear repeatedly, but love Shanghai insisted on adjusting included methods, further prompts the user experience to let Shanghai dragon happy and worry.

recently, it is prone to morning / afternoon / evening, the rankings are not the same, indicating the adjustment is still in

in addition to the first adjustment included, love Shanghai for some good sites continue to strengthen, love Shanghai ranking is stable, at the same time, the new effect to further increase, there are very good ranking of many new sites.

just got the news, a large number of Web site is K off, especially the new

love Shanghai recently carried out a series of adjustments, to strengthen the collection of algorithm specification, but also accelerated the speed of collection. Many traditional methods obviously strengthen the love of Shanghai, but also in some websites also appeared some strange information. Now, ybsong had 2 cases to share, want to help, but also hope that we observe, do website optimization work

through the analysis and summary of the above phenomenon, the following conclusions, and we share the hope that help

today, this website online, increase network competitiveness, unexpectedly, was a spider after the website soon included. Even more unexpected is that he actually had a very impressive ranking and ranking.

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