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Webmaster analysis how the right to exchange Links


has asked, that I was not going to delete the link! Do not blindly go to delete links! Today you can delete 3, plus a new link means the next day!! suddenly remove too much, love Shanghai will be punished for your station! Please be careful!

!The first phase of the active period of !

take a look at this figure:

second phase stationary phase

like this website friendship we are determined not to change, even if his weight in high is not going to change! Because of his dead links too much, affect the search engine spiders crawl! Called one-way link! Principle Search Engine grab is very simple! He is like a spider crawling, running around the things they need for reference! Figure:






we should pay attention to what factors in the exchange Links

general snapshot overnight is very good, if you exchange the Links snapshot not hope in the three days before! There will be some impact after the exchange of


!See included

website is generally 1-3 months to reach by the stationary phase, and then began to float


for a new station, update soon, there will be a period of seconds! You today released 100 articles, the estimated love Shanghai all


third for floating period < >

The name

weight surely we all know, the higher the weight of website quality and flow is rich! Is not to say that we were friendly, I that my love Shanghai Google weight 5 4 of the weight of the website with your Google weight 3 love Shanghai 2 of the weight of the site in exchange! Can say friendship as opponent. Don’t for a friendship love and affect the optimization of the whole site, part of the friendship exchange is also common website optimization and key words is very important!! you can see "not only to the site home page link"

why is friendship! See the friendship is not to see your friendship, but you have to look at each other and exchange of friendship, friendship to see from this we can see that the web site is not a good webmaster, he is often pictured:

Look at the snapshot This time !Look at the first point

included, this is just between the old and new friendship exchange station! Why do you have to see it first! The new general search engine spiders don’t recognize you! To the website blind grab! Included more than 500 above is the observation period into love Shanghai! The search engine is divided into four periods of


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