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How much how to layout the Qi website external links

, not only refers to the issue in each stationmaster net soft, also contains some other types of websites or news source site, of course if there is a budget you can release the soft money. Soft foreign chain promotion role is very significant, and long term effective way to maintain the relatively benign circulation situation. As long as willing to explore, writing and promotion news is not difficult.

blog is a very exhausting thing, but if the Sina blog blog blog optimization, the NetEase weight high well, the quality of the chain is also very good. If you have time can also operate the sprocket strategy, but must pay attention to methods and skills, not to time because the operation was K, The loss outweighs the gain.

forum signature is one of the commonly used and simple chain, signature effect is worthy of recognition, but the new algorithm seems to give weight to love Shanghai is less than before, so is the best release topic or reply to a new post release time, this effect can be more a significant.


blog Q & a platform

Links is one of the most important way of the chain, and the search engine to give the weights is very high. Careful observation you will find, as long as the keyword is not very popular, ranking good site Links there are a lot of high quality Links. So Shanghai must take the Dragon Er Links as one of the daily work, and with the weights of the website promotion, looking for more high weight links. The site may not get good friends of the chain, but the principle is to adhere to a patient.

from the current operating point of view, think love is difficult to know Shanghai and link, and the number of connections also released a day to control, the fix will be punished by the love of Shanghai. But SOSO ask are much better, every day can be released about 10 links, many also do not send, other small Q & a platform for collecting a great chance.

2, a variety of soft

every day people in the group or forum to ask how to do outside the chain, the chain of resources and effective way is to let Shanghai dragon ER headache, do not know how to do the chain or don’t know which way to choose more suitable for their own. Because not every way the chain can achieve the same effect, so it is reasonable to release the chain. Through the webmaster tools is not difficult to find a lot of leading in the industry website, the chain is also very common, and there is not much originality, only particular chain they are very numerous and diverse, diverse ways. The chain’s hard work, must unremittingly. Now through the observation of the business chain of reasonable layout about the daily chain mode analysis.


, blog > 6

1, Links

3, forum signatures and post

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