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A successful web site cannot do without the construction of high quality in the chain

The structure of

, a top navigation website

whether any website homepage will have web content page navigation, and under normal circumstances, the site navigation is the top on the website. Site navigation do not to jump with the java script, because the search engine is not able to identify the JS call. The search engine to the website to crawl the web are from the upper left corner of the site to the site of the lower right corner to crawl. Under normal circumstances, the column page links page navigation inside the website to join the site, because the site’s home page weight is the highest, which will allow the search engine to successfully capture the section of the web site page, so as to increase the weight of the column page and ranking. Don’t use the best images, because the picture search engine doesn’t know.

two, the content page and column page links

website is a very abstract concept, the structure of the website includes the web page code has many website layout concept. Users see the content of the site, but the search engine to see not only the content, there is the structure of the site, the site has a great impact on the search engines crawl the site, if the site structure is too complex, it will increase the workload of the search engine, search engine is not love. Don’t be too deep level website, website to save the user’s time, no one is willing to spend a lot of time on a web site, find a do not know is not useful page. If the site is built with the dedecms program, then the link structure of the web site home page column page only: > > content page 3, more than three floors above, the search engine will be lost.



site map


three siteThe structure of the

when we give the website homepage to determine the core keywords, we can use the relevant keywords to the column page. To do with the long tail keywords content page. If we can put the content page and column page to connect, the effect will be better. When we give the website internal link construction, we must be careful not to have a dead link, do not let the link fail. To make the best of a column page links to the home page. To ensure that the entire station links unobstructed. The search engine into a dead link will not come out, the search engine will give up home dead links. Add anchor text is also a good practice in the content of the website inside. But not too many.

gossip we will not say, we have direct access to the theme. The internal links of the construction site, can increase the search engine included content on the site, can increase the weight of the site content page; also can facilitate users to search, reduce the rate of jump out of users etc.. Thus the importance of internal links website, the following specific analysis.

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