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Google is determined to crack down on nternet piracy love whether Shanghai will follow

Internet piracy and the reality of the pirated products, in fact, nature is the same, although piracy has been hit, but piracy is repeated, I think only one of the reasons for the market demand to explain. There is market demand, for the ordinary people, some product piracy is not important or not, the key is whether the use of. So is the Internet, Internet users have such needs, naturally bred to meet the needs of users of the content or website, in other words that the user needs to decide the market, users demand of Internet content. But things always have two sides, there is a good place for piracy, bad places are many, first piracy is violate the rights of others, there are genuine piracy is difficult to survive, it is not fair for genuine. Then some special products must not be pirated, such as counterfeit products, or endanger the interests of users.

a simple example: most of our operating system on the computer used for the XP series, but the XP system really genuine to thousands of pieces, but piracy only a few dollars, the vast majority of users will choose piracy system. But on the Internet many pirated movie website, novel website, but did meet a lot of netizens, if you are a fan of the novel was very touching, as large as Chinese novel starting point network station, usually should be charged, a novel, look at a few chapters, and then began to to charge. This makes a lot of grass root users decisively choose other station, although the station is somewhat uncomfortable advertising, but it is all free, so also in the movie, video sites, watch TV or movies on Youku potatoes or on a lot of video is membership fee. So we will go to select those small movie website, obviously these websites are pirated movies a lot of resources.

September 11, 2013 news: Google recently released a 25 page report, the content is about combating Internet piracy, because of the fact that Google Internet piracy problem, has been accused of a lot of people, but the fight against online piracy is not a short duration of time things, Google is also in constant efforts and progress. In fact, Google in this regard than the love of Shanghai do better, as everyone knows, love Shanghai has been to follow the practice of Google, the search engine algorithm to operation, of course, the two can learn from each other and make up. On the Internet site and pirated content is too much, really want to punish is a big project, also need to cooperate with the relevant departments, is not only Google, love Shanghai will also face the same problem, possible domestic piracy phenomenon is more serious, my speaking, piracy what marketing on me.

is not support piracy, just from consumers or ordinary users’ psychology to analyze this problem, Google has decided to fight against online piracy, of course, Shanghai will be modeled on love, the reason is very simple, in the love of Shanghai in search results also appeared a lot of piracy or site information. The user will condemn Google, naturally will not miss the love to Shanghai, won the user’s heart, love Shanghai must purify search results, meet user >


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