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Analysis never ignore pr


PR from search engine Google founder Larry · Paige, this person perhaps some people do not know, but I believe that the PR value must not be less, especially the webmaster circle, because we optimize the website PR value is the vane, but now many people say that it is not important, today is a pony and we explore whether PR


three: the PR value is applicable to all search engines

two: love Shanghai weight



first Google exit China, that is because the government wants to shield Google search a lot, but never to the Google Corporation human intervention search results, so I quit China, I want to say, this is an important relationship with the PR value? And the impact of Google in the world is very big, so many search engines are followed Google technology in upgrading, this time, you say the PR value no matter, then we should see what to evaluate the website weight

these four words in the webmaster circle of power can be not small ah, a lot of people at the website now, all

seems to occur from 2010 from Google Chinese incident, appeared a lot of rumors, especially in our domestic webmaster circles, many people are feeling since Google China exit, then there can be PR Williams? For this thing, so Public opinions are divergent., Mascherano have their own views.

we can find love.

: Google exit China

love is never the weight score of Shanghai love Shanghai launched a search engine to calculate the weights of the website program, also love Shanghai never admitted that, in some professional personnel in Shanghai dragon Er, love Shanghai weight this score is almost ignored, and the PR value is Google search engine officially created, mainly for our site quality and user experience, do a comprehensive evaluation, let us Shanghai dragon Er has a reference data.

many people still have some misunderstanding on the PR value, the PR value is that Google search engine launched, our country with the most love Shanghai, so we can’t see the PR value how much this view is wrong, no matter love Shanghai search engine or Google search engine ranking algorithm, there is a lot of similarity, we you can search for a keyword in love with the sea, and then look at the front page of the top 10, and then go to Google search the keywords, look at the front page of the top 10, we will find out what


not to mention the PR value, is in love with the sea directly high weight is not high, and many articles have mentioned how important weight love Shanghai pony, just want to say: who is to love Shanghai so much weight because of energy, plus a love Shanghai? So, congratulations to you, you think wrong.

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