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Shanghai dragon art creation is a kind of pay can savor music

I think, many webmaster of our A5, must have a good attitude and persevere as backing. The stick in Shanghai day in and day out, year after year the Dragon world without end the road to creation. I think you must have them and I want to give up the idea. Not once feel this way with no reality whatever. It is difficult to see the road to the future, whether it’s a bright. Life, in fact, no matter what we do, in fact, many are repeatedly spent in duplicate >

contact Shanghai dragon, thin has been three years, three years of the road. The Shanghai dragon deep feeling. Absolutely ignorant of from the initial, now is a rich experience. And today I saw an accident, A5 was deeply attracted by the above article. We can say the writer is become an independent school. This time, I want to also publish my original ah. But I have to stop. Why? The reason is very simple. Due to the absence of any professional knowledge base Shanghai Longfeng optimization. On the other hand even if I write again good, this time also were not useful. I kept looking at A5 from the top of all corners of the country you the webmaster of the article, the heart is not the taste. I decided that I A5 contact time is not long, but I make sure my article appeared on the front page of A5. Share my experience with you.

knowledge is wealth. With knowledge we can not panic in front of it. Keep the original color. Quiet a moment. Things smoothly done or easily solved immediately. For this reason, a more peaceful and persistent. Have basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon as the foundation, I started to write my first composition. The topic is "I share these years sales experience in construction site, there is no place to mention Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Is the same from the author is engaged in Shanghai website construction industry experience to write such a bit. Constantly thinking out in less than an hour, write the article. I checked the relevant guidelines on A5 submission. Well, as long as the IT can contribute. In accordance with the provisions of the audit time. I passed. No matter how dull the crystallization, but he represents a kind of experience and thinking about my achievements, a person cannot have never experienced the feeling, after thinking can understand the most extraordinary wisdom.

first thing every day up, see the A5 article I is to open the computer again, I see again and again. Maybe you do not believe, I see the last page from the first page. So every day. Most of the time are tired. But in order that the mind of a belief. I said to myself again and again, come on. Not what can not. Don’t understand, I love Shanghai. We must figure out the problem. Slowly I know why. In this way, a day of repeated learning, continuous learning.

second, the knowledge to arm their minds, thinking about the achievement of wisdom

first, continuous learning and growth of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge

second, persevere, a good attitude is indispensable

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