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Shanghai dragon training is not money nor is money to enjoy


we are not training for Shanghai Longfeng so desire? We must find out their inner thoughts, because sometimes we are seeing bright achievement of others rather than his own heart, really wanted to learn. For example, some people see the rain in big brother 200 thousand month after the interview must be very heart, I want to have friends to find absolutely after rain brother wanted to worship him as a teacher, but whether this is a result of your impulse is really thoughtful after? I think a lot of people who are not thinking, just simple want to follow him to learn how to earn 200 thousand. I would like to remind you of the point is: do what. Not everyone has the rain brother’s execution and understanding, we should calmly.

first of all we want to know Shanghai dragon training is not money, because we want to really get in return. Since we chose Shanghai dragon training, we chose to spend money is of course to learn Shanghai dragon, but some do not engage in training, he engaged in training objective is really simple to help us improve the webmaster Shanghai dragon skills? Or to make a turn from training? Do we have to leave a network a heart, especially the decision before the training must investigate, this investigation has two aspects, mainly from the internal and external analysis, only do these two aspects you don’t buy sins:

1, Shanghai dragon training is not money

Hello, I am virtual son rain. First of all, individuals do not do after the training, I don’t know, here is mainly to do some training friends about their own suggestions for training. The Shanghai dragon I think we must have encountered training a lot, really let his mind can have several? Recently read rain brother’s case, see people excited, not only because of his awesome case, but also because of his superior strength, and he is the real representatives of this, and I think agree without prior without previous consultation I think the most important, Shanghai dragon is by combat, not a lot of actual owners would not be a good webmaster. Today I am going to a point for everyone to talk about is: Shanghai dragon training is not money, nor is money to enjoy, hope that we can love.

if you really want to learn some experience, training or a good estimation of the wolf rain eldest brother, I heard not what the right to speak, but his actual experience is worth people admire. I have no desire to like Shanghai dragon training, but sometimes the impulse to want to go to them for those lectures on YY master speak what, especially the rain brother class, but then slowly subsided, because it is not their own inner desire for real things.

some Shanghai dragon training institutions, I don’t know why there are many people called in to get money, I don’t know the culture.

A, understand the inner needs strong degree of

analysis of B, this training is worth to

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