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Shanghai dragon to search optimization and its good content is king from outside the chain for the E

rich content and a benefit that can improve the site weight and keywords in the search results page ranking, because each add a page on the site to vote itself, to the home page, columns, transmitting certain weights, page, column, page and then forwarded to this page, so that to improve the website the overall weight.

content is king, the chain for the emperor is understood as the number that, when it reaches a certain amount, it will.

webmaster circles that such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", here have to say the essence of broad and Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture, just eight words sum up the search engine optimization operation of Shanghai dragon soul, and to provide a powerful website optimization operation guidelines of Shanghai Longfeng website operators after all it is the webmaster, hang "classic quotes".

with a lot of the chain, the more the better site outside the chain. This also can be understood, so that more of the site’s vote, in support of the station. Because there is a search update site is to link to update the Internet many websites, and find new more new content.


understand the content is king, the chain for emperor

website as long as there are rich content, rich in content and website can be a large number of long tail keywords, we all know that the long tail keywords search volume is not very high, no keyword search volume is high, but it does not affect the flow of super long tail keywords on the site of the long tail keywords for not just the 123, it according to the size of the site to determine the size, we look at the 4 major domestic portal Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase search included all reach 10 million to more than one hundred million, we are in the tens of millions, to say the least (popular word), a collection of only one page long tail keywords, it also has 10 million a long tail keywords, long tail keywords only bring a IP is 10 million IP.

rich content another advantage is: when users come to the site, the site also provides related content, users can browse more pages, to lengthen the residence time of the users in the station search, through which you can know the robot user experience what kind of friends, stay longer, the search robot will think the user experience is good, the search robot with this website data back, tell search love Shanghai, noble baby, said this good website soso netizens love, we give the website ranking or the right

content is king

update website content, to search engine optimization, is very beneficial, however, to enhance the site’s weight, the establishment of the chain is also very important part, external links to the weights of the website is not to be ignored. There is a survey, said the impact site weights are the most important factors that result? 48.72% chose to set up the chain. The status of visible web site in the chain webmaster heart how high.


chain for the emperor

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