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Some simple website internal optimization matters

When visitors enter the

to your website, the first impression is largely determined by his stay, so it needs to do good. First, from the website of the color, frame structure, color theme to coordinate the website framework to be neat and beautiful, those before the frame and the frame color cannot be too far, looks uncomfortable is not good. We Chinese love personalized thing, so we should emphasize the main melody at the same time pay attention to personality, not from the site related theme. For example, you are selling glasses, cannot get fancy, with non mainstream websites.

I contact Shanghai Longfeng for nearly a year, before always in the chain construction efforts, those memories rather dull as ditch water. Not long ago, due to the mobilization of a little chance to contact to the station’s knowledge, although the fine, but I would like to share my understanding of the content. For some in the station for some optimization, I wrote some optimization scheme for the internal structure of website and art (including user experience) is proposed, the content is relatively simple, there are some specific matters needing attention:

The Shanghai dragon The first impression of


Besides the

with the user’s repeated, general website internal optimization on one hand is to please the search engine, another aspect is to do user >

website information scroll. The general site has several scroll bar, home of logo, and the content in the sidebar can carry, so the scroll bars in some respects affect users of the site impression. First, the scroll bar with a link, the best font color like other font color, so users see the obvious advertising; second, with a relatively small visual space to avoid rolling in different direction more than two scroll bar. For example, in the two adjacent frame, the same vision can see a scrolling blue bar, a left scroll, the user is not tired, it is very difficult to accept the two rolling inconsistent information.

site first impression

second, announcements, news website, the link should be moderate, advertising too much is not good oh.

third, from the whole site, page similarity to reduce as far as possible, can not let you see a search engine is copy other station, keyword density should be appropriate, Description tag should not accumulate words.

followed by the relevant information website. The website has pop, users are generally dislike; flsh, video, will affect the user opening speed, may also allow users to turn off the window.

good user experience

, home to do a 301 redirect to avoid problems from the tourists because of Web site, the most basic is to realize the logo home page to jump.

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