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The common point of Shanghai dragon and sell the Soybean Milk

two, selling Soybean Milk need to pay attention to what, what

2. Soybean Milk to sell well, not advertising. Appropriate to do advertising, what hair distribute leaflets are good for Soybean Milk shop. Of course not Luantie small ads, chased uncle don’t love.

: Shanghai dragon website to get better and more outside the chain, you can go to some website text, Hui post bring their own web site, of course, do not abuse group >

, what need to be prepared to sell Soybean Milk

?First of all we have to do is

3. we come to Soybean Milk shop decoration decoration, hanging signs, make a statement, the price tag, Gu staff clean up the house, ready to greet guests greeting. The sign written on the name and advertising language concise and to the point "Soybean Milk _ Soybean Milk delicious shop, good drink nutrition and cheap". The price tag is not to deceive customers, the store clean at a glance. What’s the problem at any time the waiter greeted the answer.

Shanghai: Phoenix site outside the chain is also very important, do some high quality links, can be very good to improve your site weight, should not just look at the number of high quality.

: do Shanghai dragon website title to write, to highlight the target keywords (Soybean Milk), a web site name (Soybean Milk delicious shop), there can be an advertisement slogan or a deeper impression, but not long. But not more than three goals. The website column should be clear, so that visitors enter can quickly find the content they need. The user experience to do. Essential links, anchor text.

1. to make a lot of good friends, friends will take the customer to come to you to give you support, friends do not have grades, what friends are going in a filthy mess, they might have opened your table.

recently saw a netizen wrote an article "the enterprise Shanghai dragon training – how to sell Soybean Milk" feel very interesting, metaphor is often more impressive. Here I also summarize an article, is also a thought study. Learn to share the metaphor method.

1. Soybean Milk secret, of course if we can not, find a master on the line, but you still have to understand a point will not be fooled.

2. we spread a stall, whether you rent a shop in the street or pushing a car, you want to sell at least to sell Soybean Milk. We spend money spent two money.

Shanghai Dragon: we need to choose a space for our website, you can choose to blog, such as NetEase or Sohu Sina love Shanghai space. You can also buy their own server rental space, free online for the novice to practice can go to search space. It is recommended to spend money to buy their own space.


Shanghai: Shanghai dragon dragon we need to have a website, this website is our own, can also find someone else to do, but understand the basic knowledge of HTML is necessary.

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