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How to do the internal optimization search engine website article


a site is divided into two sections: external optimization and internal optimization. Generally speaking, the two part is we both hands are hard to catch. External optimization usually refers to the construction of the external links, to obtain high quality external links. But the theme of this article is how to do internal optimization, here to share some of my views.


code optimization has several advantages: one is to reduce the file size, speed up access; two is more friendly to search engines, avoid them crawling useless code; three can make the code more convenient to maintain.


website code optimization

website should not be too deep, single level structure of the flat is the ideal state. But this is not realistic for some sites, but also the directory hierarchy is best not to exceed three. If a website, it is this directory structure, XXX/sports/football/china/CSL/club/hengda, if I would think crawler, crawling in the website, "cheating, this is not a bottomless pit, climb not climb". So, the website directory must be flat. So how to solve this problem, one way is to use two or three level domain name, directory structure such as said before can be simplified as hengda.XXX.xxx, but the premise is the directory you must first have enough rich content, if not, it is best to use a directory structure, but its streamlined.

each page keywords don’t choose too much, two or three appropriate; determine the keywords should match your theme, otherwise the reader in the point that do not get what they want, will soon quit, just bring garbage flows; should pay attention to the use of the long tail key words, pay attention to the use of long tail keywords and pointed; >

web directory structure optimization

Shanghai dragon

I put the interior of the website optimization is divided into two parts: 1. to search engine optimization, but also do is look to the search engines, this paper is to talk about the content; 2. for users of the optimization, mainly refers to the focus on user experience. These two in fact some of the same place, the middle line is not clear, may be when you do internal search engine optimization, and reached for the user to optimize the effect. For example, when you optimize your website internal links, naturally will allow users to use your website more convenient. Search engine optimization, I summarized the following:

The directory structure level

optimization involves the selection of key words and keywords and keyword density distribution.

first, the code of the website to be concise, eliminating useless code, the code can be combined together as far as possible. At the same time, CSS files, JS files and web documents stored separately, call in the web page code.

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