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Understand the problem of work efficiency from Shanghai dragon in

Occupy a very important position in the whole of Shanghai dragon

1, we can read a lot of information industry site, grab a topic, to focus on the theme, language, "the original article".

improve the efficiency of the approach this link:

in the chain promotion, for money tight new Adsense, most practical is to learn Crowdsourcing, first of all to understand you.

/ products (services) editor


improve the efficiency of the approach this link: we can search through the network, to identify the market position, others is how to build a website analysis and selection of the word long tail keywords.

three, the chain extension of

, a website design and analysis

2, you pay more attention to the industry name (red) of micro-blog or blog, these places are often the source of inspiration for your writing content.

in recent months because of the time, seldom write articles, of course, in addition to the time factor, another important reason is that their thinking in recent years in Shanghai and Phoenix Network on this road and regret in sedimentary accumulation. Shanghai dragon about what to do, I believe that we are most concerned about the issue, although we are in the vast majority of the network can not understand the specific practices of Shanghai dragon, but we still have to believe that those experts and predecessors wrote widely reproduced articles of value, that is not practical, because we have not reached that level of understanding. Back to the topic, below I share some experience of Shanghai dragon, and the combination of efficiency, I hope to give my friends some help:

this process, we often hear the content is king, the chain for the emperor of this concept, which said, is that we here in the station of the product information or value. Unless your product or service is unique, and can search a lot on the Internet, including news, a site of the industry can refer to. We affirm the value of the original, but in the actual operation, the original difficulty is very large, so when editing the content of the

Shanghai dragon people are not deny how important the chain, but for some novice webmaster, hand out few resources, pre Shanghai Longfeng budget is very limited, so that the chain is important, but do not start. In the promotion of the chain link, a link is most likely to lead to the problem of efficiency, the chain of hair is good, how to find the chain, how to exchange…… These are quite a lot of time and energy.

be sure your website is doing what keywords, this is important in the early stage, as we said at the age of 3 80. Keywords most are doing on the Internet has a successful case site,

Two, the content of

improve the efficiency of the approach is as follows:

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