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Summary of the new sites included before the extension final report

. If we want to let the search engines fast included our site, so we need to understand what the mainstream search engine for new sites included is the number of cycles. (domestic mainstream is love Shanghai and noble baby, here are the 2 major search engines. The other time is almost. ) for the new website, under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai included in the new time in 3-15 days, 2 weeks is a comparison of the average time. Noble baby general search will be shorter time. In a week or so can be included. In normal circumstances, love in Shanghai may be 1 -2 months or you take the initiative to do some measures you can shorten this time out (such as we Qifan software official website 贵族宝贝zzqifan贵族宝贝/ website is formally submitted in the 2011-5-7 night. The second day morning was included. Do not believe it can look at yo) if included slow shows that there are some problems or other aspects of the structure of your site.

2. Submit the search engine login entrance

The ancients said: the enemy awareness

last time we talked about new website not to quickly let website on this topic, the extension of < < summarize the new sites included before the extension (a) > > if you are a new station, please control good compliance with its own situation. Do some preparatory work on the front of the line, and then submitted to the search engine. As early as the collection is not necessarily a good thing. As of today we Zhengzhou Qifan software and we continue to explore some problems before the new extension. After the previous work, so this time we can hope to quickly search engine included our website, use some good ways to promote or collect speed:

link bait is actually a good way to promote one of the new fast included. When we first submitted to the search engine website, you can publish the website in some weight high site links. Non hyperlink form can also be. (that is, >

3. Linkbait

1. The general search engine included time


said: the world of martial arts from evil boss only fast break attack is the best defense. I believe this sentence we have heard, Qifan software on the website that this is in fact the same. When in front of you to do things, if we take the initiative to Submit search engine (tell it, sample I submit! Ha ha) so the search engine to know a new website has been launched. The search engine spiders to follow the submission of new URL address crawl to our website. (it should be accurate to say is the site put out of time, we can see that. Some sites not released within the time the site was modified. Then when we found out. The " site is included; " no changes before.

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