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Taobao贵族宝贝 has delineated more than 300 malicious bad review division blacklist

information security senior director Wang Yihua said, "I hope all Taobao sellers encounter malicious bad teacher blackmail, don’t compromise, encourage their arrogance, but through the report or rights to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests."

according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 274th stipulation: blackmail and impose exactions on public and private property, a relatively large amount of time or 3 years of blackmail and impose exactions on, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold.

According to Taobao

, Guangdong Province, malicious bad teachers accounted for nearly 20%. Next, taobao贵族宝贝 sellers will suffer, through legal weapons for the malicious bad teacher responsibility.

news July 2nd, taobao贵族宝贝 announced: July 2nd has been delineated more than 300 people a malicious bad teachers focus on the object list, both for the gang and frequent crime of malicious bad teacher. In view of the wide range of Internet malicious fraud, the government and relevant departments have also been actively involved in the process.

, head of China Consumer Association lawyers Beijing Huijia law office lawyer Qiu Baochang said that the purpose of malicious bad behavior in public security and judicial organs for blackmail and impose exactions on, can carry out criminal punishment on their.

Wang Yihua said: "we are malicious poor teacher pay more attention to the issue, besides the legal weapons, has been collecting all voices and opinions in recent months on wildly beating gongs and drums to improve, and improve the rules of Taobao transaction and evaluation"

malicious bad teacher, is devoted to the poor as a threat to the network parasitic extort money shop group. These bad teacher, group pull people occupation siege, serious blackmail and impose exactions on the influence of electronic commerce, the normal order and the network credit system, caused great harm to many online sellers, so users refer to these human conscience "network mafia".

sellers reflect these malicious bad review Division has evolved into organized network forces, ongoing malicious threats, blackmail and extortion of online sellers. At the same time, they continue to enhance its malicious behavior and close organization identity concealment and diversity means, resulting in some shop sellers stand it, have to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources and energy, and these networks against evil forces.

about the standard of criminal case, different parts, parts of the cumulative amount reached 4000 yuan ". The legal adviser Chinese Internet Association Credit Evaluation Center Zhao occupation lawyer pointed out that, even if not meet the filing standards, can also be based on damage to business reputation, product reputation crime "to deal with.

The so-called Taobao

to combat cyber evil forces, Taobao protect the rights and interests of the seller, the special investigation team set up taobao贵族宝贝 a few months ago, by means of receiving the complaint, abnormal behavior analysis, etc. to master a lot of undercover investigation, malicious bad review division of the evidence of the crime and related information, locking a more than 300 man malicious bad review division key object list.

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