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Robsonak website of Shanghai dragon ranked three elements

is fine!

Tian micro blog on April 24, 2011 on the line, mainly to share some share some of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, SEM, hospital network promotion, network marketing, e-commerce observation etc.. The first time to write a blog, not a place please forgive me, good nonsense not say, today to share the three elements of website ranking.

original articles are reproduced please indicate the address of the 贵族宝贝szsem.cn/


was originally titled the three elements of the website rankings, so in the end what are the three elements: the first? The article as far as possible the original, even false original will not like before the end, to the large scale, at least get rid of 2/3, especially for the medical class, must want to patients, can sometimes be take yourself as a patient, think, if I were the patient, I would like to search, so to sum up is from the patient’s perspective, to write this article, let the higher credibility, patients see, feel it is so, it will come to consult.

third, executive power! When many companies when it comes to the execution of the three word in time to the new training, for our Shanghai dragon staff, is also very important. As the ranking of a website in addition to some external resource factors, as well as our own factors, isn’t it? As a Shanghai Longfeng professionals, we must know that we must have the best work attitude, we will all know than others to adhere to, isn’t it? We must have the spirit of perseverance. Continue to learn, to sum up: is that the amount of digital words. The above contents are I (Tian micro) summary, keep the original article, of course, must have a lot of wrong, there are some deficiencies, some places need to be improved, I hope you give me directions to come out, we come together to exchange and learn

second, a strong chain, honestly, I feel the chain is not difficult, it is easy to do up, but not blind everywhere to do outside the chain, a lot of garbage outside the chain for us, the role is not large, simply start to what role, actually this is equal to do have waste our time, isn’t it? We can go to send some weight high, ranking the better free information platform, so the effect is very good, because many of them are can be connected with the phone, the QQ, with what. There is no good effect although the forum before, but can not give up, will have predecessor summary thing is still very useful, isn’t it? A lot to look, always on our website ranking is good. Now to sum up a word: strong chain is actually in the know,

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