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The first quarter of 2016 the only Shanghai Longfeng constant road

with love Shanghai update algorithm, ranking rules have changed, but the only constant is Shanghai dragon road, love Shanghai algorithm is again how updates are not deviate from the. In the first year, love Shanghai will make a big adjustment algorithm, we should use what method to deal with it? The same Shanghai dragon "Tao" refers to the so-called

. Love Shanghai why update algorithm

two.2016 in the first quarter of what is the only Shanghai dragon constant "Tao"

?Many people know that


what time belongs to the optimization of mid? "

love Shanghai update algorithm, when the website ranking drop, that is love Shanghai adjustment algorithm, but many people rarely think about why love Shanghai will continue to update the algorithm, only know that love Shanghai update algorithm, we have to change the new method, often by the love of Shanghai led by the nose love is nothing more than the Shanghai adjustment algorithm of user’s website in front of love, love Shanghai to improve user frequency, thereby increasing the bidding income, that is to say, we serve the love Shanghai, love Shanghai service to users, when love Shanghai put us back in time or never to come, we will have to consider whether the site is the user’s favorite search. The site is the user favorite here is not to do too much, do not know can contact me.

1. Shanghai Dragon Road: early based optimization of


what belongs to the optimization of pre? For a new station can be said to be early, or is a ranking no site, also known as early, early status is mainly reflected in: included less, no ranking! So what is the purpose of optimization of pre? The answer is included. Not included no ranking, ranking does not necessarily have included, for a new station for the early, do not consider what to do rankings, content quality, ensure the collection, but also to seize the core contents of effective update; what is the core content? The core content generally refers to the user most frequent searches, such as learning Shanghai dragon the white need to see Shanghai dragon tutorial, then you have to update the stability of Shanghai dragon tutorial; if it is to do the training institutions, the user’s attention is the price and then update the quiz, quiz and price stability, not to update some users do not care about, or dispersion update, update the other update today, tomorrow, for users concerned about the topic analysis if the novice is not the case, you can contact me, here is not to spend the time.

! ?

whether new or old station for a website optimization, just need to do the site early, middle and late enough, each period of the phenomenon are not the same, you can according to their status of the site below with a new judgment, for example, for detailed description of Shanghai dragon road constant "

2. Shanghai Dragon Road: the middle drainage optimization

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