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From the orange internet station K events talk about DNS and domestic DC

it can be seen that if you love Shanghai spider crawl abnormal love Shanghai will assume the user access will be the same, and in the 2013, Shanghai dragon do? "We have said that the search engine attaches great importance to the user search experience, then, for the search engine certainly will not allow this page does not exist hurt the user experience when users visit. It will reduce the catch on

recently, from the QQ group, micro-blog and other channels to see someone talking about "using the orange Internet virtual host site is K", "site in the US orange Internet large area included drop" and "US orange Internet DNS shield love Shanghai spiders crawl" and other issues. Talk about the "victim" to fan the flames "selling host" and "selling DNS", is very lively. Just some time ago in the United States put the orange Benniao web site to do the monitoring, also to talk about "US orange Internet K station door".



, a beautiful orange K station door event after

then Lu Songsong blog posting IDC error caused by shielding spider love Shanghai K ", A5 nets have the user submission" opponents of the United States orange K door full review "do not fear God, then let many people know this information. Next, the webmaster site is anger directed at the problem the beautiful orange, all kinds of IDC and DNS service providers also took the opportunity to profit marketing.


site in Shanghai Longfeng, stability of the site visit is a very important part of the server or DNS is likely to cause instability in the site was K. Benniao blog also had IDC service providers Chinese name problem to the K station, see "Shanghai love home is K ten to guess the cause and solution".

in Shanghai station announcement for grasping abnormalities following instructions: "for a large number of content can’t grab website, search engine will think the site defects on the user experience, and reduce the site evaluation, crawling, indexing, the weight will have a negative effect to a certain degree, and ultimately affect the website get from Shanghai love to flow."

two, IDC and the site was K

first, we want to make clear that the web site is included as a dynamic data. The search engine will be in a certain period of time in the grab page (as the website weight and weight is high, short cycle) to detect the page if the page is not found in the inspection during the index will be deleted, the love of Shanghai called for the capture of abnormal.

is the beginning of micro-blog saw a netizen posted a message, it is: the site is K, the IDC is in the DNS server automatic detection of defense, mistook the love of spiders in Shanghai IP as a malicious IP shielding cause spiders can not crawl the website. IDC service providers only send a beautiful orange Internet apology letter ended, did not mention compensation.

DNS or server instability will lead to the site included drop even by the K

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